Five best gym shoes under 2500

The other day, I received a flurry of texts from a dear friend. After procrastinating over her fitness goals for long, she’d finally enrolled at the local gym. Before she began her workout sessions though, she wanted to have everything in place, like gym wear, shoes, and so on. And while she was easily able to procure workout tops and bottoms, it was the shoes that confounded her. And it was here that she wanted my help. Her budget was modest (not more than 2500 INR) yet she didn’t want to end up buying shoddy quality gym shoes. She didn’t have enough time to go shopping and she’d never shopped online before. "Could you just check online and see what were the options available within her budget", she asked me. "Sure", I offered and right away, I set about researching the best buys within her specified budget of 2500 INR. Reviews of 4 or more stars out of 5… brands like Reebok, Puma, and adidas…what I found were so cool that I ended up placing an order for myself!You can do the same too and I have just made it easier for you. And don’t be put off by the “running shoes” moniker, these shoes can be equally effective in a gym too.So, here’s the lowdown1. Decathlon Women's EliorunLady V1 Mesh Running Shoes Don’t we all just love the word “sale”? The actual cost of this cool looking pair is around 4,499 INR, but thanks to the sale going on at present, it’s available at 1,349 INR. It definitely makes for a great steal at this price. I’d say grab it![text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00GNEP85Y" sku_tag="B00GNEP85Y" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]2. Puma Women's Velocity Wns Fabric Running Shoes Who hasn’t heard of Puma? The brand is well-known and often draws decent reviews for its products, which makes this a good buy! Available from 1699 INR onwards, this pair is made from air mesh with synthetic leather overlays. I would venture these shoes are great for running, gymming, and brisk walks too.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00IWKC2JW" sku_tag="B00IWKC2JW" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]3. Puma Women's Atom DP Running Shoes Another pair from the same brand, Puma, this one is a little more costlier than the earlier, at 2199 INR. It is more flat in structure though. These shoes have a mesh upper with synthetic overlays for maximum breathability and a comfortable fit. The rubber outsole aids great traction and high durability.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00Q2MOR0E" sku_tag="B00Q2MOR0E" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]4. Reebok Women's Vision Track Lp Running ShoesI have always fantasized about owning a pair of Reebok shoes but was daunted by the high price tags. So finding a Reebok in an affordable budget range was like a dream come true. As you would know, Reebok is one of the earliest and most well-known brands in sports and fitness footwear. What I really like is that these are durable, light in weight and comfortable to wear. The rubber outsole provides a firm grip to the feet as you run or perform workouts.     Available at 2300 INR, this white beauty stands out elegantly. Besides white, it is available in two other colors.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00UYO88W4" sku_tag="B00UYO88W4" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]5. Adidas Women's Alcor 1.0 W Mesh Running ShoesAnd finally, at 2450 INR, there is the classic Adidas Alcor. I particularly loved the fitting (perfect!) and the elegant look. The surety of a well-known brand, the sleek design, and the superbly laid out structure of these shoes make this purchase worth it.  [text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00T4LW63A" sku_tag="B00T4LW63A" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]