First-time -mommy? Mira Rajput has something for you!

Every mommy strives hard to be perfect and give the best to her baby. But the sea of information and advice surrounding her is bound to leave her confused and overwhelmed about the whole thing. And this holds true even for our celebrity mommies.

Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor’s wife and author of the book ‘Eat, Delete, Junior’, spilled the secrets on how she is raising her one-year-old and we stole a few takeaway points for you!

1.    Happy mommy= happy baby

“Just be happy and that will automatically transfer to your child.”

This is one fact that has been stressed by most doctors simply because it has a lot of scientific backing. Positive energy can do magic not just for adults, but also for kids. When you are happy and cheerful, it automatically transfers to your child. On the hand, babies can also sense stressful or sad environments and these can also make them sad. So, always try to provide a healthy and happy environment for your little one.

2.    Breastfeed your child

“It’s the biggest gift you can give to your child. And it’s also the biggest blessing for a mother.”

Breastfeeding is a blessing for both the mom and the baby and Mira is a big advocate of the same. Breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs in the initial stages, so don’t give up, even you are waging a tough battle. Hang in there for the benefits are huge!

3.    Eat right during pregnancy

“I craved for all sort of spicy Indian and Chinese food. And that is why Misha hates the bland baby food and loves her upma with nimboo, and that chocolate that Shahid keeps sneaking in.”

Mira admits she gave into her craving and ate her heart out. But she also feels mindful eating during pregnancy is extremely important. This is because of the effects it could have in the long run. So, give in to your craving, but ensure you eat healthy at least 85% of the time.

4.    Pay attention to what your child eats

“Deciding what your child eats is as important as how you feed them,”

We mommies are more worried about our kids finishing the meal than the meal itself. As much as feeding your baby is important, ensuring he/she eats a balanced meal is also crucial. Mira also suggests bringing in a variety to your baby’s  food chart every day.

5.    Keep it simple

“I don’t want to give (Misha) kale and quinoa for dinner and then not be able to take it forward if I’m travelling or if I’m at somebody else’s house. I think the diet should be something that’s easily doable.”

Mira insists on keeping the baby’s food simple so that it is easily available even when you are travelling. And this means using ingredients you can find anywhere.

6.    Do not depend on parenting books

“The best advice I got was not to read any books.”

 Most mommies tend to resort to books to crack parenting. But Mira suggests that there can be nothing better than the advice you get from your mum or grandma. So, blindly follow them because this will be more valuable than what you find in books.  

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