A Review Of Medela Electric Breast Pump

A quick lowdown Pros – Medela’s revolutionary phase system aids faster expressing; portability; battery operated or using electric adaptor.Cons – Expensive, single breast extraction, noisyBefore I had the need for breast pumps, I thought they looked like torture devices – something that latched on to you and extracted your milk? Could anything make you feel more like a cow? I doubt it. When I was in the market for one, aesthetics mattered hugely for me too… I wanted a breast pump that didn’t look hideous, that was portable, (so it had to be a single-sided one) and above all, was effective in getting the job done.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://cdn2.zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/madela-281x300.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Medela-Swing-Breast-Pump-Yellow/dp/B000NQ92NC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1455526074&sr=8-1&keywords=medela+swing?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text="Buy Medela Swing Breast Pump Online"] Medela has adapted their hospital-grade breast pump phase technology to this attractive little portable pump to produce great results. The 2-phase action mimics the sucking action of an infant. This helps the breast express the milk in the most natural way possible. Designed by a medical professor and a lactation consultant, the first phase simulates a baby’s sucking which is light and quick, and allows the breast to move to “let down”, after which phase 2 takes over to maximize the expressed milk.The unit can also be battery operated, for situations where there are no power outlets available. Even though it is a lot less effective than the hospital grade pump, it’s a small compromise, considering it’s very compact and can fit into your handbag.What’s fabulous?Medela’s adaptation of their 2-phase technology from hospital-grade pumps to portable pumps is a step forward. It is far superior to lesser expensive breast pumps. Manual/hand pumps don’t offer any competition to this product. It comes with a couple of spare inlet shells to match breast sizes, and a couple of freezer bags to store your milk. Spares can be ordered. Spare bottles that fit the pump outlet are also freely available in the market or online.  It’s very easy to clean and sterilise and the unit is simple to put together and use, even for newbies. The entire unit and accessories have always been BPA-free.
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What to look out for?It’s undeniably noisy with a gyrating sound as the pump extracts the milk. Noise-cancelling headphones while watching videos or a pillow over the pump while watching TV are enough to drown the noise. It’s a fair bit more expensive than some other electric breast pumps in the market and certainly more than the manual pumps. At just over 11000, it does not come cheap. And it’s also less effective than hospital-grade pumps which might be available for rent for cheaper but short duration.The bottom lineThis is a great pump and a fabulous option for mums who are planning to regularly pump, perhaps on a daily basis, if one can look past the noise. The price tag is acceptable for regular, long-term usage, considering that the device is portable, aesthetically pleasing, effective with it’s 2-phase technology, neat, easy to use and clean.[text_affiliate link="http://www.amazon.in/Medela-Swing-Breast-Pump-Yellow/dp/B000NQ92NC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1455526074&sr=8-1&keywords=medela+swing?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text="Buy Medela Breast Pump Online"]