5 Tips to Parent the Extroverted Child

Parenting and extroverted child - Parenting by ZenParent
Everyone loves extroverts. They are always popular and are the centre of attention wherever they go. They look confident and are so full of energy and enthusiasm.  If your child comes alive on meeting new people, then you know you have an extrovert on your hands. However, if you are introverted parent who has an extroverted child, it can be quite an adjustment of personality and energies.  Here are 5 ways to parent the extroverted child.
  1. Live in communities: The extroverted child thrives on human interaction. I have a friend who moved from her beautiful independent home to an apartment complex just so that her child could make more friends and have a more engaging social life. Extroverted kids are happier with people around and it would be great if you have the option to give them that environment.
  2. Hands on learners: When it comes to learning style, the extroverted learn much better by doing something and interacting rather than silent reading. They do very well in group discussions and learning by talking aloud and explaining.  So get a chalk board for your learner so that they can pretend that they are the teacher or have them explain the concepts to you when you have the time, or organize group studies to help them internalize best.
  3. Keep stocked with books: This might seem contraindicative, but keep your home stocked with books so that you can train your extrovert to wind down a little with a book. To be quietly immersed in something also is a trait which they need to learn. Start them early in small doses by reading to them and getting them interested.
  4. Offer Action based choices: If your child is extroverted, they would do great in drama, choir, team sports and all those activities which involves a lot of people interaction. Seek them out for your child to bring out the best in them.
  5. Talk to them: While we use this phrase a lot with children, it can be difficult with an extroverted child especially if you are introvert. My mom used to feel tired just listening to me ramble after school (She was a working mom and she told me so!). But extroverted children process everything through talk and not introspection. They are outwardly tuned people and even if your ears are falling off, you need to practice your art of listening!
Introversion and Extraversion is however a spectrum and not really an “either or". We all have characteristics of both qualities in us in various degrees. These tendencies also tend to change and evolve as children grow through childhood. Staying connected with your child would keep you clued in on their tendencies. The main thing is to stay non- judgmental, loving and doing our best, appreciating that we are all different.Related article: 5 Ways to Parent an Introverted Child