Exposed! Breast secrets even your doctor does not tell you!

So, you freak at the feel of a random lump, a little discharge from the nipple or slight heaviness? Well, this is something most women are secretly battling and its NOT cancer. Not every issue about your dear boobs mean cancer. So, before you head to the doc and panic, know what is normal and what isn’t.

1.  Self-exam

Do your breasts need a regular exam? No! Experts advise against breast examination, simply because they create stress and anxiety for no reason at all. Unless you have some lump formation, pain, warmth or redness, change in size or shape, a discharge or a sore or rash, there is no reason why you must head to the doctor. And unnecessary regular checkups don’t lower the risk of breast cancer anyways!

2. Not all lumps mean cancer

Lumps are very common at least in 50-60% of women. These fibrocystic lumps may occur due when the breast tissues overreact to hormones. So, if you do find a lump in your breast when you shower or change your dress, don’t panic. However, if you do experience pain, swelling or any other symptoms accompanied with it, head to the doctor immediately.

3. 85% woman get the bra size wrong

Finding the right bra is a task, isn’t it? And it only gets trickier after you have a baby. The right bra must ease your shoulder or back pain, hold your breasts firmly, give you a good posture and make you look thinner. However, turns out that most of us get it all wrong, even if we have experts assisting us. Some signs of a proper fit: the band in the back is snug, and doesn’t ride up; and your breasts fit within—instead of bulging over—the cup.

4. It’s normal for one to bigger than the other

Yes, you read it right! They are not symmetrical. Stand in front of the mirror and you will know what we are talking about. Often the left breast is bigger than the right and its perfectly normal. And make sure your bra fits the bigger one when you go bra-shopping.

5. Men love breasts!

Breasts are naturally made to care and feed babies. This is because when we do so stress hormone called oxytocin is released, letting you bond with your baby. A similar thing happens when your man stimulates your breasts. The oxytocin released makes you bond better with your man.

6. Menopause can cause them some trouble

Just like pregnancy, menopause is yet another roller coaster ride for women. From emotional outbursts to weight gain and other unusual sights, menopause can create havoc to a woman’s body. Hot flushes, breast tenderness, fluid leakage, heaviness, blocked milk ducts and hair on the nipples are all common during menopause.  

7.  And they sag with age

Over time, collagen and elastin breaks down and we can’t help but start to let loose. Also, hormonal changes cause us to contain more fat—soft, spongy and prone to drooping—with age. And there’s nothing much you can do about it. Wearing the right bra, exercising or options for a breast lift might be options, but nature plays its game way too well, at the end of the day!

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