Evil things that no one tells you about having kids

negative sides of being a new mom - ZenParent
Being a parent is not all hunky dory. I suggest you have a very strong reason for why you want to become a parent, whenever that happens for you. Because, more often than not, it is a bit overrated. If you’re considering having children, maybe you should read this first.Your due date was almost upon you and you dreamt of giving birth to a wonderful bundle of joy who would nestle in your arms and make you feel complete. It would grow into a toddler and run into your arms. Life would be beautiful with lemon, pink and blue rooms filled with cute beds, soft clothes and cuddly toys. A loving husband would rock the baby to sleep, and when required, caress you to sweet slumber too. Themed birthday parties and the best school in town. But then one day you delivered. And :
  • Realised your back was sore from the hours you spent sitting trying to breastfeed your baby
  • Your sleep went for a toss because the moment you tried to sleep, the baby decided to wake up.
  • Your toned body was suddenly shapeless and had stretchmarks on it.
  • Your bra size went up ridiculously. (Although this might not have been a bad thing)
  • The house was never clean; it was always strewn with toys or dropped baby food.
  • Bathing was like when you had to absolutely get somewhere important during the peak traffic hours
  • You were crankier than usual.
  • The once warm and loving husband is disconnected and keeps to himself.
  • Whenever you return home, instead of a loving kid running up to you, you discovered something broken or scattered.
  • Your days were long and tiring; nights were longer and more tiresome
  • ‘Me time’ was non existent
  • Meal times were war zones with nobody winning in the end.
  • Early mornings before school were insanely stressful.
  • Exam times always coincided when there was a wedding or some happy occasion in the family. Or when you needed a break.
  • There was always someone who scored more marks in school or ran faster in the sports day.
  • Your kid never ate what you made and there was always an argument on the table.
  • Laundry was as huge as Mount Everest.
  • Social life went from poor to totally missing.
  • You dressed up only in your dreams.
  • In parks, theatres and restaurants, you were more obsessed and stressed if your kid would behave well than the food, movie or the greenery.
  • You were never doing enough for your kids.
  • Your kid was skinny and it was your fault.
  • You had to schedule something as natural and instinctive as sex.
  • You had to stay up nights to teach your kid and be parents as well as tutors.
  • The conversations you had with your friends were only about healthy food, homework and extracurricular classes.
  • Sholay was the last movie you saw.
  • A salon was a place you never visited.
If someone tells you parenting has more joys than woes, hand them this list, will you?Featured Image