Everyone says its about time management but I have no time to exercise

“I think the Red tussore will be perfect! Or maybe not! The blouse does not fit!”“Ahhh! The black Gicha silk maybe? Black will make me look slimmer! Hmpphhh! Even this blouse does not fit!”4 weddings this year including my own little brother’s, what am I to wear? I do not fit into any of my pre-baby clothes! Am I upset? You bet! What am I doing about it? Uhhh, nothing much actually.I should do some free-hands or walk maybe? Really? Are you kidding me?


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Do you know what it is like to have a 4 year old and a 6 month old, all to yourself, the entire day, barring the 3 hours the elder one goes to playschool? I don’t get to sleep for more than 2 hours at a stretch.My cook refuses to come early and help me make breakfast or tiffin for the elder one. I have school drop and pick up duties with an infant tagging along.I have two mouths to feed.I have one who needs to sleep in the afternoon and one who I cannot get to sleep in the afternoon.I have one toddler who can’t decide what he wants to play so we end up playing with all the toys in shifts.I have to make one do homework (the education system in India needs to be revamped like NOW!! Or maybe it should have been a decade ago!), while coaxing the other one to crawl.I have to take the two out for a walk because I don’t want to go insane being cooped up within the 4 walls of my home with them. (Yes they are my babies and I will miss this wonderful time when they are all grown up but there is only this much that I can take! Thank You!)I have to ensure the elder one does not suffocate his younger brother or hurt him with all his love and its expressions. (Whoever said too much love was not bad!) So this like means I have to be on red alert all the time and in the room when the two are together. I have laundry to do, clothes to fold, uniforms to iron.I have my own job to do, calls to make, projects to complete.I have to read my books. How is anyone to survive without reading?Daddy dear and the grandparents are all working from 8am to 7pm. And that’s 24 hours up is it? Yes. Pretty much.


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Oh come on, do not start off on how I need to find the time! Please! I have had enough of that advice already. Gosh I was a corporate trainer before the babies and am still a corporate content writer who designs time management pieces for heaven’s sake.My two little angels have made me seriously wonder about all the time management principles and theories I incorporate in trainings. Try as I might I just cannot seem to fit my life into any of them. Can you possibly find me some time in my schedule to exercise? Please? And if you do, also some energy to go along with it!In the meantime I shall browse through my closet and keep lamenting about how nothing in it fits me except my maternity clothes *sheds a tear*