What every pregnant woman wants to know, but is embarrassed to ask!

Pregnancy is full of surprises and shocks and women are bound to have a whole lot of questions with every passing day. And like it or not, you might not feel comfortable asking all those ‘personal’ questions to your doctor.

‘Will I poop during labour?’, ‘Can I have sex’? etc are definitely not things you might like discussing with your doctor. But fret not! We have your back.

Here are answers to 7 embarrassing but totally valid questions every pregnant woman hesitates to ask.

1.    Will I poop during labour?

This is one question all women have in mind but never have the guts to ask their doctor. However, the answer is that you WILL poop when you are in the pushing phase of labour. It can happen because the pressure on the uterus also forces the rectum to send out waste. That said, simply focus on the baby and now how bad your poop smells or what your doctor will say.

2.    Will I lose bladder control after pregnancy?

Yes, your bladder control will decrease in the last few weeks of pregnancy and this will also remain for a couple of weeks after delivery. However, usually, in about six weeks to three months, this will reverse to normalcy. And Kegels help a lot too!

3.    Will I hurt my baby if I have intercourse during pregnancy?

This is a real fear most couples have when they are about to welcome parenthood. However, this is a myth and there is no way your man will hurt you or your baby if you have sex during pregnancy. However, you must consult your doctor before you are at it.

4.    Is it normal to have a lot of discharge during pregnancy?

Your hormones go haywire for those nine months and the increased blood flow to the pelvis also contributes to making you feel squishy down there. But, this is perfectly normal. However, if you do experience any pain, itching or spotting head to your doctor immediately.

5.    What if I sleep through labour?

There are chances you might not be aware of your water breaking. For some, it's like a small trickle down there while for others it's a huge gush. However, if you are not sure, call the doctor. But when it comes to contractions, there will definitely be no mistakes made. They don’t call it labour for no reason!

6.    I have bad gas. Is this normal?

The hormonal changes during pregnancy make it difficult to keep your digestion normal. As a result, you end up feeling bloated, gassy and nauseous. This can even graduate into acid reflux, and indigestion later on, which is completely normal.

7.    Is intercourse more painful after childbirth?

Unfortunately yes! Your lady parts have been through a lot of trauma and it definitely needs some time to heal. Plus, if you are breastfeeding, your hormones are all over the place and that can, in turn, make you feel dry and sore down there. Try using a lubricant, if need be. 

Feature image source: ahchealthenews.com