This Eid was a special one for SRK! Here’s why!

Like every year, this year too King Khan made it a special Eid as he stepped outside his bungalow to wave to his fans. Accompanying him was little AbRam who also smiled, posed and waved to the crowd gathered outside.

Daddy and son were both decked in a white Pathani suit and looked dapper like always. That said, this Eid was a special one for Mr.Khan, as he just completed 25 years in the industry.



"I think every festival, be it Eid or Diwali, is special. It's an opportunity for a family gathering. We get to meet so many people. But, yes, the only day before yesterday I realised that I have completed 25 years in the industry, so this Eid is definitely special".

SRK also recalled some special Eid memories and also mentioned that his favourite Eid was the one he spent with his parents.

“The Eid that I spend with my parents is very dear to me. During childhood, I used to find it very boring. We used to go outside, do prayers and visit our parents' friends house. But now when I look back at those times, they hold a special place in my heart. Especially, after my parents passed away, these memories have become more dear to me"


When asked about his favourite Eid food, the actor says: "Do you think I am a foodie? I can eat anything that's cooked in my house. Some Biryani will come from Salman Khan's house. I will eat that".



About SRK’s spiritual side: " I don't know if I have become spiritual, but I have grown gentler. When you have three grown-up children, you tend to see things from a different perspective. As you grow old, you find pleasure in doing small things. Anyways, my family says that I have been boring them with my philosophy for last 25 years".


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