Eat these combination foods to lose weight faster!

Eating greens, fruits, and veggies sure help you lose weight. But wait! Following a little trick while eating your food can help you get to your ‘dream weight’ faster. Eating certain foods together pave way for a trimmer waistline faster than you may think.

From topping your cereal with cherries to snacking on a bowl of potatoes seasoned with pepper, here are combination foods which will help you shed weight in a jiffy!

1. Top your cereal with cherries

Topping your cereal with cherries will not only enhance the taste but also help you lose that belly flab. Cherries contain an antioxidant that will melt belly flab, and the puffed-wheat cereal contains ab-fat-reducing resistant starch. You could also sprinkle some flaxseeds rich in omega-3-fatty acids.

2. Spinach and Avocado oil

While you may be adding spinach in your low-cal salad, tossing it in avocado oil will help you lose inches faster. The monounsaturated fats in avocado oil help to improve cholesterol levels and keep hunger at bay. It also contains vitamins A and B, which are considered to be bloat-banishing. Lastly, vegetables like spinach have the high water content which helps to lower BMI, helping you lose faster. So, go green to stay lean!

3. Salsa and chickpea

Looking for a healthy snack option? Ditch those greasy fries and burgers and opt for a healthy bowl of chick pea. Chickpeas boost the intake of protein while a tasty salsa dip will add some bulk, without loading in calories. Further, studies prove that people who ate half a cup of chickpeas a day weighed a pound less and ate less food overall.

4. Potatoes and pepper

Wondering how potatoes made it to the list? Yes, while most of us think potatoes are starchy and are a big ‘no’ in weight loss diets, turns out that they are actually more filling than oats or red rice. Potatoes also contain a good source of bloat-banishing potassium so you will look slimmer almost immediately. Also, Piperine, the powerful compound that gives black pepper its taste, can help trim your waist, zap body fat and lower cholesterol levels. So, grab a bowl of potatoes, season it with some pepper and snack on it guilt-free.

5. Coffee and cinnamon

Next time you at are Starbucks, you know what to order. Order you favourite coffee and sprinkle come cinnamon powder. Flavourful and calorie-free, Cinnamon contains antioxidants which help to reduce tummy fat. So pair it with a steaming hot cuppa and you are losing weight first thing in the morning.

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