Dumbing Down with Doraemon

Zindagi sawar du, ek nayi bahar du, duniya hi badal du mein….

I am not even going to bother translating this in English. But yes, for those who have not heard this before, this is the title song by an animated robot in a cartoon that is made for children. Eeeeeeek! It makes me want to scream, and literally punch the people behind this silly cartoon that has a fan following beyond imagination. Welcome to the world of Doreamon (the robot) who makes life easy for his human friend – Nobita and his allies. There is action, drama and yes, romance as well! Nobita is in love with Suzuka and envies a boy who is smart and is supposedly close to her. Yes, that dumb. But let me get down to the dirty and tell you why I simply cannot have my little one watch this hideous cartoon –

5 Reasons why Doraemon is Dangerous for our Children

 Make Believe. Yes. I agree even fairy tales take us in to a make believe world. But we cannot have our children getting a 24×7 dose of a cartoon that makes them believe that a robot actually can think, talk and feel like a human! It is stretching imagination just too far and yes, dangerously far!

Gadgets are the way. Doraemon has a gadget for everything. From entering a human body to turning invisible and yes, to having helicopter fans to fly! Children today are anyways turning to be technology slaves. And thanks to this cartoon, they live in a world where they believe that each problem of theirs will have a solution led by fancy gadgets!

Easy Solution. Nobita is totally dependent on Doraemon – from having his clothes being sorted out to completing his homework. The cartoon is making children believe that you literally do not have to move your ass to get anything done! A robot is there to get things done for you.

Its okay to lie. Each lie of Nobita’s is well covered by Doraemon. He hides his test papers, he blatantly lies to his mom, he manipulates everything. Are we not turning our kids into little monsters who care two hoots about having any values in life?

Revenge is the way. Nobita is weak – his friend Gian and Sunyo are strong. Nobita hates being let down and he uses gadgets from Doraemon to take revenge. Seriously? What are we making our children believe?

Cartoons likes these are tuning our children into dunderheads. Before it gets too late- please turn Doraemon off! I beg you, PLEASE!

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