10 Outfits You Should Not Wear During Pregnancy

When women are pregnant, they still are beautiful and love to appear in fashion and style even though they are carrying a baby. However, during pregnancy, your body changes shape while giving space to the little one growing inside. Naturally, as the time passes, the baby bum slowly gets revealed, your waists starts to widen, your breasts enlarge and you will find out that the old clothes no longer fit you so well.

Now is the ideal time for you to go for a maternity shopping. And before you start, remember. Much the same as food and drinks, during pregnancy, there are a few confinements on the apparel also. There are certain types of styles that are better to stay away from. Some type of dress may get in the way of blood circulation, thereby, can result in some issues. On the other hand, some kind of dress though may cause no harm directly, can contribute to your discomfort.

Why should one select a maternity dress carefully?

Your physical transformation during pregnancy call for soft and comfortable clothing. The finest garment for pregnant women is the one that accommodates the baby bump area and permits to expand the abdominal part. This is very important for both the mother and the unborn baby. The maternity wear should be light on the mother and at the same time, should provide proper support to the growing belly. It should not cause irritation due to sweating and heat. Likewise, during pregnancy, a good pair of footwear means one that helps ease the pain in your legs due to swelling and muscle cramps.

What are the clothes that should not wear during pregnancy?

Here is a list of attire that is not recommended to wear while pregnant.

#1. Tight clothing:

Avoid wearing tight-fitting dresses, skirts, jeans/leggings/jeggings or any other body-hugging outfit. It not only unjustified with your "not so perfect" figure right now but wearing clothes that are tight around the abdomen or waist also poses pressure on the growing fetus.

#2. Clothes made out of synthetic fiber:

Due to hormonal changes, you are more prone to sweat and more likely feel hot all the time. Moreover, your skin will be so sensitive during this period, increasing the chances of developing rashes. Therefore, avoid synthetic, nonbreathable fabrics during pregnancy, which can aggravate the mentioned issues.

#3. Ill-fitting clothes


Considering the recommendation to wear loosely fitted outfits, never opt for oversized or extremely lose one (like muumuus). Wearing right size dress is as important both for your look and value for the money as you can always reuse it with slight alteration during the post-pregnancy period as well. Moreover, even though comfortable, these clothes don't draw attention to your curves( Pregnancy curves are not bad). Believe me,  wearing nicely fitting maternity outfits boosts up your state of mind.

#4. Wrong clothes for the weather:

It may be burning outside yet to hide the bump from the public, some mothers choose to wear the layered outfit or opt to wear a shawl or pull over. It is quite dangerous as it may increase your body core temperature. So, avoid it. The baby bump is not a thing to feel bashful about. Always dress according to the weather.

#5. Wrinkle-free clothes:

Clothes that are labeled with a permanent press or are wrinkle-free should be avoided. This is owing to the fact that these garments are treated with chemicals to make sure their material remain wrinkle-free.

#6. Clothes that take so much time to remove:

During pregnancy, the frequent toilet visit is quite common. Therefore,  s the last thing you want to be wearing is a tricky belt or pair of pants or underwear that takes so much time to remove.

 #7. Too loose or tight underwear

The right size of undergarments is a must for any person and it is more relevant during pregnancy. Too tight undergarments can pose certain risks and also uncomfortable. Too loose ones not only take away your confidence but can also pave the way to sagging the breasts. Therefore, be careful while choosing the bra, slip on, and underwear, etc.

#8. Fancy panties:

The chances of yeast infection increase during pregnancy. Those synthetic or silky fancy panties are not a good option to wear at this point as it can hold too much moisture and be a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead, opt for cotton panties that give breathable space down there.

#9. Heeled shoes

Even though not a clothing item, we should mention this as it always goes with the attire. During pregnancy never opt heeled shoes. High heels are not only uncomfortable during pregnancy but very risky as well, because it increases the chances of tripping as your center of gravity shifts during pregnancy as the belly grows.

#10. Heavy and tight jewelry

We are mentioning this as many women choose to wear heavy and tight jewelry as a part of fashion statement.  Opt out heavy chains and tight bangles, anklets, and rings during pregnancy. Anything tight hinders the blood flow.