Does Your Kid Beat Up other Kids In Play School?

There is no rule book for kids. Try reading up stuff and you will know that most of the times your kid is always an exception.This happens with me every time. My kids never fall into the common category and I have learned to deal with them through my own trials and errors.One such problem I faced was when my second son started play school and I went crazy. Every single day I was bombarded with complaints that he was getting over aggressive and beating up other kids in school. I landed up visiting his play school every second day, scolded him, tried to divert his attention but nothing worked. Finally I was so disillusioned that I wanted to stop sending him to school.But the best way to deal with any issue your kid has is to fine tune into his basic needs, know his mental set up and things start falling into place. My son, I realised was blessed with super energy that he did not know how to channelize and I helped him do that.


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  • Physical activity is a great way to vent out energy. Of course I was called hyper and mad by some parents for enrolling my kid into a swimming class at the age of 3. But I knew how much that helped in calming him down. I would let him take that class only for half an hour where he would just splash water sometimes and it helped burn those naughty kilocals.
Running also is a good option and that is what we decided (school teachers and me) to make him do for the first 5 to10 minutes of school. My kid along with another few who were also falling in that category were asked to run in a circle and when they finally entered class they were calm and non – aggressive towards other kids.
  • ‘So you wanna hit other kids? Then hit this dough instead!’ I introduced clay dough to my son and before he actually settled down to making odd shapes he loved digging his little paws in the dough with all his might and slapped it on the floor to release all his energy. This done in school prevented him from pouncing on other kids.
  •  Drawing worked wonders too. Actually for him it was more of scribbling but it did help him to channelize his energy into something more constructive. Appreciation is needed here. Even if your kid comes up with a few random coloured lines, he needs to feel validated so that he continues to do it more often. And a big mistake we parents generally make is that we fish out these alternatives when the kid is already hyper and perked up. Why not just give it to them before hand, anticipating the trouble in advance.


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  •  Putting the kid in some form of a charge or giving responsibility is also a good way to keep the aggressiveness in check. We asked our son to keep a look out for any kid that was crying and he was supposed to run up to the teacher and inform. Miraculously he started saving the kids from other aggressive children.
 Don’t let the teacher or the school brand your kid and emotionally manipulate your feelings. There is a solution to every problem and Sometimes it’s right there in front of us.