Does parenting mean spending every free moment with your child?

The new Care commercial is causing ripples in the parenting community. The commercial is for an app/service that allows people to hire housekeepers, and other domestic services through the app. The ad however opens with a child asking "Am I cute?" She then goes on to complain that her parents are cleaning on a Saturday instead of playing with her. Enter hook. That's when the app pounces in and suggests that instead of wasting time while your children are growing up fast, use the app to locate housekeepers to do your job for you, while you spend your free time entertaining your kids. Wait a minute, what? Surely, a commercial for a domestic services app/website could work without trying to suggest that parents spend every waking moment trying to entertain their kids? And don't even get me started on the fact that the child tells you that because she's "cute", her parents should play with her. Forget that every parent thinks their child is fundamentally cute. Let's let that slide for a second. What happened to the good old days of free range play and going outside to play with friends? Why do kids need to be entertained at all times? How are they going to learn what to do when they're bored?Let's get real - there's nothing wrong in entertaining your kids. Just that it isn't a duty and one shouldn't and needn't feel guilty if they're doing somethingelse with their spare time than sit on the floor with 1000 train tracks trying to uild a circuit for the millionth time. There are better ways to spend a Saturday! And how is this a point of judgment if you don't spend this time with your kids? Does it mean that you don't love your kids enough? And here's where the line of confusion starts. The belief that every moment not spent with your child is a wasted moment is propogated by guilty parents who do these things, maybe because they don't get structured time with their kids, maybe because their kids don't have enough friends, and so on.Research has shown that today's parents are spending more time than ever with their children - dads up to 12 hours a week and moms up to 20 hours a week of actual facetime for kids who go to full time school. Be that as it may, it's great that parents are finding more and more ways to be involved with their kids. That's great. But if it reaches a point where a child doesn't know what to do in a couple of spare hours without being entertained, then that's a problem, in my book.What is your opinion on the matter and the commercial? Outraged? Or do you think it's an overreaction? Weigh in.