Do you nag your Child? Good Job !

nagging your child at times is required- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Today, we are all bombarded with new generation parenting ideas from all directions. While our parents had carte blanche to do whatever they wanted in the area of parenting, most of us are always second guessing our methodologies. If we yell at our kids, we feel bad. If we (Oh God!) forbid, swatted their bottoms, we are wracked with guilt. If we nag them constantly, we feel bad. Schedule them- don’t schedule them, help them- let them be independent; Be firm- be gentle...PHEW! Parenting seems to be one hard trip for the new generation parent.  But here is some new research that shows that girls whose moms nagged them by refusing to let them settle for mediocrity did better for themselves. Aha! I knew it, you say?The research conducted by the University of Essex, England did a longitudinal study from 2004 to 2010 of 15,500 girls aged 13/14. It was found that the girls who had moms who monitored them continuously, set high standards of achieving, insisted on going to college were indeed more successful than their counterparts whose parents  had a more lackadaisical attitude. It showed that even when kids hate their parents for making them do certain things, in the end, they did take to heart their parent’s advice!It is also interesting to note that this study showed that it was moms who nagged kids more than dads! So, next time, your daughter is telling you she hates you because you are impossible to be convinced for certain things or you are setting impossibly high standards for her to achieve; rest assured, while you may not win the cool parent award, you are setting  her up to be successful in life!Click here to know if it's okay to say 'No' to kids for certain things...