DIY Creative Crafts For Your Kids

Tween years or teenage years often fly by too fast. Add to that the multiple activities that a child has to take up to keep up with peers, like attending tuitions, music classes, and/or sports, and you could rightly say their plate is full. Amidst all this, there’s hardly any opportunity to have fun, to spend time with family and friends, and just chill out.

A Do-It-Yourself project in such a scenario can prove to be not just fun to do but a great opportunity to spend with family and friends too!

Here are some terrific ideas you can share with your kids to work on, with family members or friends:

1. Get Creative with Duct Tape

Did you know that duct tape can be used to craft a variety of items such as bags, bracelets, wallets, flower pens, bow ties and more? What’s more, the creation process is easy and fun!

duct tape hair clips | DIY Creative Crafts For kids

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to make a duct tape tote bag:

For more ideas, check out this site that has a whopping 45 projects listed:

Seeing these may inspire your child to fashion something innovative of his or her own using duct tape.

2. Make Your Own MousePad

Instead of a store-bought mousepad, you can urge your kid to a mousepad at home. You can use a variety of material available at home for this purpose.

how to make mouse pad by own - ZenParent

For instance, here’s a tutorial instructing how to make one from old fabrics.

This tutorial uses the Modge Podge glue which you may or may not find in your local stores. Don’t worry if you can’t find it though…here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your own Modge Podge using Fevicol:

And if you are feeling too lazy or staved of time to do that, just buy Pidilite or Fevicryl’s hobby glue.

3. Make DIY Mats Out Of Instagram Prints

How cool it would be to have dining table mats made from your Instagram photos! Use this tutorial as a base and make mats instead of coasters. Note you can substitute tiles with thick cardboard/card paper, Modge Podge with Fevicyrl, and you’re good to go! To make the mats waterproof you can get them laminated at your nearest stationery shop.

You can also make attractive frames with your Instagram pictures.

how to make DIY frame | DIY craft ideas for kids - ZenParent

4. Reuse Gift-Wrapping to Custom Wrap NoteBooks

Many of us have this irresistible habit of stashing away the wrapping paper for the gifts we receive thinking that it’d be useful some day. Well, here’s a way you and your children can make good use of the attractive wrapping paper. Reuse the paper to wrap around notebooks that are for personal use (diaries, home rough books etc.). One can even accessorise the books with buttons, beads, tiny handles and so on.  If the school permits, kids can even take them along to classes, and show off their creative side to their peers.

DIY creative ideas for kids | How to Make creative things online

creative ideas for kids at home - ZenParent










5. Give Plain Hair Bands a MakeOver 

Wearing the same old plain plastic hair bands can be boring. Sure, you can get readymade attractive ones too but there’s much more fun in creating one of your own, based on your taste and choice. All you need is a plain plastic band, some cool accessories like plastic flowers, beads, or ribbons, a bit of glue. Apply your imagination and transform the band into an attractive one.

6. Build a Candle Holder Out of an Old Can

make candle holder by using tin

  • Old soft drink cans, Protenix tins or even Cerelac or other tins can make for great lanterns or candle holders. Use the tips given in this step by step tutorial to craft a DIY lantern or candle holder.

7. Make Wire Sculptures

Wire sculptures by Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss sculptorare world famous.

how to make Sculptures online | craft ideas for kids at home - ZenParent

Though it may be near impossible to replicate his works, one can at least try to make something similar. Wires, papier mache, a hammer, and some glue would be all you need.

8. Make Your Own Minions

This handy tutorial shows how to make a bowling pin game using DIY minions. Even if you don’t intend to play the game, the minions would be fun to make and use as a showpiece. You can use Fevicryl acrylic colors to pain the bottles.

Make minions water bottles for kids | Craft ideas for kids at home - ZenParent

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