DIY: 6 tips on how to make your home smell good

You wrinkle your nose. What’s that smell, you think. It’s been emanating from the neighbour’s house for the last half hour. Like unwashed clothes and spiders. Ugh. You’re at home all day taking care of your baby, who, by the way, isn’t the queen of fragrances either. Her diaper is enough to make you regret having a child in the first place.

Stop. You’ve reached the right place. Because I’m going to tell you how to make your home smell good. I’m going to tell you that, by spending just an extra two minutes a day, you won’t be thinking of poopy diapers or unwashed clothes anymore. These DIY techniques for odour removal will make you the happiest person in the world today. They are:

1. Orange peel freshener:


You know when you eat an orange? Yeah, don’t throw away the peel yet. Fold it in half and give it a squeeze. Just like you used to spray your sister’s eyes to make them burn on purpose when you were young. Only, this time, walk all over the house so you fill every room with its perfume. It isn’t too strong, and the smell of citrus is great for freshness.

2. Jasmine water:


Mallipoo, mallige, gajra, call it what you like. Go to the market and you’ll find women wearing big diamond nose studs selling them for ten rupees a length. Buy one, with an extra handful of loose flowers. Hang up the string on a nail where the stink from your neighbour’s house is strongest. Then, fill a shallow glass bowl with water and sprinkle the rest of the flowers in it. Keep it on a side table in the room where you work or relax. It looks great, and its scent is divine.

3. Lemongrass bouquet:


This is really easy to grow in at home. Just bring a few strands from a friend’s house, or buy a small pot of it from your local nursery. Plant it in a pot or you’ll find it hard to contain - it grows wild. When you feel a room smells stale, all you need to do is fill up a vase and make a bouquet out of it, with whatever other flowers you can find in your garden or balcony. Odour removal is assured in seconds.

4. Homemade potpourri:


Easy peasy. Collect as many sweet-smelling flowers as you can: jasmine, nishagandhi, roses, frangipani, sugandharaja. Press them in your book for three days (with the roses, you’ll have to press only the petals). Pour them into a nice smelling wooden container with a little carving. Voila.

5. Sandalwood perfume:


Buy a packet of sandalwood powder or a stick of sandalwood itself. Whenever you feel like a sweet, woody scent, mix a little of it in water (with the stick, you’ll have to rub it against a rough surface to obtain the paste). Dip your fingertips into it and sprinkle it around your house. Or pour it into a spray bottle and play solo-holi.

6. Sambrani:

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Did you know that this was a great mosquito repellent too? Light a little bit in the evening, and you won’t ever think of eliminating odours at home again.