Disconnect to Connect : The need of the hour

Ever wondered how much time your parents would have spent on the internet? Perhaps, half of what you do now? Or even less? Well, the internet and electronic gadgets have become an inevitable part of today’s world. From snoozing alarms in the morning to deciding on restaurants for dinner, we all depend on mobile phones. Now that social networks and instant messengers are all in a boom, we hardly get any time to take our eyes off these devices. The world has changed so much. We don’t have enough family time; we don’t have eyes to see what happens around us or ears to listen; we are all in a hurry to update our status and edit our profile pictures. But hardly do we take the time to realize that all these are just killing our time, that could have been used beneficially.When was the last time you did a head massage to your partner, without him asking for it, or went out for a walk with your little one? When was the last time you painted a canvas, or made a garden of your own? Well, whatever your hobby may be, do you really take some effort to take it forward? Or just excuse yourself of having no time; when you spend all your time on Facebook and WhatsApp busy watching over others’ lives. Better late than never. You should realize the value of each second that passes by.Time and tide wait for none. Before it is too late and you regret over how you misused your time, wake up to your senses and chart your priorities. We may have the whole world, but to our kids, we are the world. Be there for them when they need you. Make time to listen to them carefully. Otherwise, they feel as if they are talking to walls and start confining to themselves without opening up. Take a step forward in your married life too, and put a little effort to keep it glistening. Make the most out of the present moment. I am not asking you to avoid social networking and the like completely. But, be wise enough to have a control over them. Don’t fall into the trap of letting them control you. Manage your time efficiently. Love your family and pamper them.