The A to Z of Different Kinds of Astrology and Their Benefits

Moving into a new home, marriage, new born, and opening a new business, astrology remains an important facet of the lives of many Hindus. It is the study of relationships and patterns of planets in motion, the position of various stars, constellations, our birth chart, synergy with others, the makeup of elements -- and using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning. Astrology today is typically considered to be semi-science still, it is a belief system and in many world cultures, it has a strong religious significance. It is used to help make our lives a whole lot better in different fields. It helps to determine the perfect timing for different actions. Astrologers use astrology for clients, self-awareness, and family. There are over eighty different kinds of astrology. Here is a snapshot of some of them:

Indian Astrology—t is also known as Moon Astrology. It is based on constellations and movement of the moon. There are total twelve zodiac signs and five elements that hold a significant place in Indian Astrology. Indian astrology consists of deeper knowledge and by using it one can foretell future and take precautions before difficulties arise.

Nadi Astrology—it belongs to south India. Nadi readers are trained to read the ancient palm leaves in an intuitive way. Calculated horoscopes with predictions are compiled in Nadi Granth. Each nadi is unique in style. Nadi Astrology helps you to correct your mistakes of past life, by reading the remedies written on Nadi leaf (by Rishis) that will put you back on a favorable path.

Western Astrology—it is based on the position of the sun at the time of person’s birth. Western astrologers use Tropical Zodiac.  In western astrology, there are twelve signs standing for twelve periods of a year. People believe that different zodiac signs tell different characteristics and talents.

Vedic Astrology—it is also known as Jyotish. It is known for its accurate prediction. It is of three types:

·  Siddhanta or Ganita Skanda(Astronomy)

·  Samhita Skanda(Mundane Astrology)

·  Hora Skanda(Predictive Astrology) – This astrology is further sub-divided into branches:

  • Jaimini

  • Prashna

  • Tajika

  • Parashari

  • Muhurtha

  • Krisnamurti Paddhati

  • Streejaatak

  • Ankajyotisha

  • Swar Shaastra

  • Nastjaatakam

Financial Astrology—it is used to forecast time cycles in commodities, stocks or economy. It helps entrepreneurs, stock brokers to figure out the right time for investing.  

Panchpakshi Astrology—this astrology divides people into five elements, symbolically representing them with a bird. It helps to answer queries and ascertain auspicious time.

Career Astrology – it uses your birth date to determine the best field for your career.  It helps you to choose the kind of work as per your abilities.

Marriage Astrology – it is considered much important in India. It includes the study of Kundli, planetary positions, gun, grah etc. to ensure a long and happy married life. It helps to eradicate problems before and after marriage.

Meteorological Astrology – it is based on astronomical placements of Sun, Planets, and Moon. It helps in the weather forecast.

Here’s a beautiful truth to carry in your heart: on the day of your birth, the overhead star pattern was actually distinctive, and those eight planets and the Sun and the moon can never occupy a similar placement ever once more. You are born for a reason and, therefore, the year ahead offers you a priceless resource: time. You can’t put it aside or get a lot of it, thus use it to your best advantage. Everything begins at the right moment along with your need to succeed.

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