‘Desi’ foods you must include in your diet when you are close to delivery!

Pregnancy can be a hard time for women! The huge belly, swollen ankles and feet, morning sickness, skin changes and of course the mood swings definitely make the battle a hard one to fight for to-be-mums. And this only gets worse towards the fag end.

With your belly almost dropping down, your baby moving all over your abdomen and the body weight making it almost impossible for you to move, third trimester can be a hard one to sail through. That said, this is also the time you need more nutrition and nourishment. After all, they don’t call it ‘labour’ for no reason!

So, here are some Indian foods you MUST include in your diet, before you finally pop out your baby!

1. Break down your meals- Instead of hogging it all in one go, break your meals into 3-4 small portions. This will make digestion easier too. A few food you must get on your plate include:

-  Chapattis and rice with dal

- Khichri with vegetables (the khichri will take care of the rice and dal)

- Idlis and dosa            

- Suji-besan cheela

2. After a protein-rich snack of boiled channa or rajma between breakfast and lunch and also one between lunch and dinner. This will prevent you from binging on any of the meals.

3. Milk, eggs, fish, meat and other kinds of poultry are a great source of protein. So don’t hesitate to include them in your diet.

4. Since constipation is a big problem during this time, include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, curd and plenty of water. 

Here are some options you could try:


-   Stuffed parantha

-   Poha

-   Idly, dosa with sambhar

-   Upma

-   Fruits with yogurt

Pre-lunch snack: Soups, salad or a fruit


Rice and dal (toor, moong, black urad, or any other dal of your choice). 

- Chapattis, vegetable and dal. 

- Khichri with raita and roasted papad. 

- Salads (chicken or vegetable) and whole wheat bread.

- Chicken curry with chapatti. 

- Sambar (with ladies finger or drumstick), and rice, with a vegetable dish on the side. 

- Bisibele bath (a type of khichri made in Southern India) with lots of vegetables, and curd on the side.

Evening snack:

Cheese sandwich, uthapam with veggies, smoothies, nuts


Eat a light dinner and it shouldn't be too late in the night(at least two hours before bed). 

- A cup of rice with veggies could be the easiest thing to digest at night. 

Things to watch out for in the third trimester:

1. Gestational diabetes

If you have excessive urination at night, sweats, hunger pangs, tingling sensation in hands and feet, or excessive thirst, chances are you might have gestational diabetes. Do take advice from a diabetologist or a clinical dietitian, if you have been detected with GDM. You might then have to restrict your sugar intake and switch to more whole grains and protein-rich diet.

2. Pre-eclampsia

This means water retention in your body, which could lead to an increase in blood pressure. Consult your doctor before its too late and also cut down salt in your diet.

Remember, you are at the fag end! Take good care of your health and enjoy your pregnancy before the chaos of motherhood sets in. 

Feature image source: drbrianhleung.wordpress.com