DELHI: Plan your weekend with kids!

Decided what to do with your kids this weekend yet? No? Don’t worry. That’s what you’re here to do. Depending on what kind of weekend you want to have, take a pick off our list!
  1. Take a walk around Mughal gardens. After five loud days in the city, this will turn out to be the quickest way to detox, trust us. If you’d rather play with your kids than just walk, Lodi Gardens’ hide-and-seek friendly copses and the crumbling Lodi-era tombs are just the things for you.
  2. Go South Indian! There’s nothing like our very own chole-bature, samosa-kachori and dal-chawal on most days. For a change, though, we recommend Saravana Bhavan, with branches on P-Block in Connaught Place, and at 46 Janpath. It serves the crispest dosas, the softest idli and the most perfectly balanced pongal. A treat your kids won’t forget in a hurry.
  3. In a mood for spicy chicken instead? Go street food! Your kids will love Nizam's Kathi Kabab in Connaught Place, Khan Chacha in Khan Market, or Karim’s in Old Delhi. And you have to eat something sweet after all that teekha; who better to approach than the famous jalebiwala at Chandni Chowk? Golden, crisp, dripping in syrup - kuch meetha ho jaye.
  4. Okay, enough about food (stop drooling). Feel your kids aren’t getting enough education during the week? Delhi has a bunch of museums specially designed for kids. Future little engine drivers will go crazy in the eleven-acre National Rail Museum, featuring the Fairy Queen, the world’s oldest still-running steam train and the skull of an elephant who unsuccessfully charged headlong at a train. Or, if your kids still like playing house, you could also take them on a world tour at Shankar’s International Doll Museum on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.
  5. Of course, a matinee at PVR on Sunday afternoon (make sure you pick a U/A certificate) is always an option, but don’t you think your kids will enjoy live action better? All Idiots, directed by SP Singh Sengar, will be an excellent stumbling-bumbling situational comedy to keep them in stitches. There’s only one show at 6pm on Sunday (31st July) at Shri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg, so book your tickets, hurry!