Delhi moms, Rujuta Diwekar has a special remedy to beat air pollution! Try it now

The thick grey smog in Delhi is creating havoc across the capital and neighbouring regions like Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurugram. Even as politicians and authorities indulge in blame game over the smog situation, hospitals are admitting an increasing number of patients with respiratory disorders. Arvind Kejriwal described has the situation in Delhi as an emergency on Twitter. Traffic pile-ups and accidents have been reported on a number of highways, construction activities have been halted and the entry of trucks in Delhi has been restricted. Schools have been asked to remain shut till Sunday.

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According to Dr Vikas Maurya of Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, smog can lead to allergies, aggravate existent allergies, decrease lung disease immunity, cause bronchitis, asthma and COPD, increase the risk of heart diseases and can even cause premature birth. Here are some detrimental health effects of smog in Delhi. If you are in Delhi or anywhere where there are dangerous smog levels, celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recommends some simple home remedies that can help you beat the ill effects of air pollution.

1. Soonth, gul and ghee laddoo – Take equal amounts of dry ginger, jaggery and ghee, mix it well and roll it into small balls. Start and end your day with one. Spent a lot of time outdoors? Don’t forget to have one after you have returned home.

How it helps: This simple laddoo helps prevent inflammation and flu. It also keeps sinuses clear and aids digestion.

2. Sugarcane – Either chew on it and spit the fibre out or drink it like a fresh juice. Sugarcane is best consumed as a mid-meal, eaten before noon.
How it helps: Sugarcane helps cleanse and detoxify the liver. It is micronutrient dense so it also boosts the immune system. Plus, it can also freshen you up and help you remain upbeat in the gloomy weather.

3. Milk, kesar, haldi and soaked sabja – This works like a perfect nightcap. Heat milk and add kesar and haldi and let the milk boil. Add 1tsp of soaked sabja or tulsi seeds after you pour it into a cup. You can also add powdered jaggery to taste.
How it helps: The volatile oils from kesar prevent skin and hair damage. The sabja or tulsi seeds beat infections, allergies and bloating. Haldi and milk is a potent and age-old recovery and anti-inflammatory combo.

Other health tips to beat ill effects of smog:

1. Don’t give up on exercise, just shift it to indoors.
2. Stay well hydrated.
3. Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and carotene supplements are helpful in these kind of smog situations.

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