Dear sister, this is what your marriage did to me and you never knew!

Having an elder sister can be one of the most amazing things in life for any girl. While brother-sister relationships are spoken of highly, very little is said about sisters. However, the truth is that if you have a sister, you also have a best friend who lives, eats and sleeps with you.

But, all good things come to an end and this too does. When an elder sister gets married, the younger one goes through a bout of emotions. Ask anyone who has an elder sister and she will tell you what it is like. Well, if you are yet to hear the wedding bells ringing for your darling sister, here’s what you need to brace yourself for.

Here are few things every younger sister experiences when the older one get married!

#1. I get the room and her closet

Why start off with sad emotions? The happiest part about your elder sister getting married is getting an entire room for yourself. That aside, how can girls forget the clothes, accessories, shoes and the other things that come with it! A bigger wardrobe with a whole lot of new stuff is a cool thing to have, right?

#2. It’s time to shop!

Wedding and shopping go hand-in-hand! And if it's your own sister’s, the reason only doubles. After all, everyone wants to know who the bride’s sister is and what she’s wearing, right? The excitement of going shopping, booking parlour appointments etc makes you feel on top of the world.

#3. Am I next?

If you are at a marriageable age, then be prepared to get bombarded with comments like ‘your line is clear’ and ‘Ab tera number agla hai’ etc. Once your sister is hitched, your parents begin to get marriage proposals for you and even if you are not ready yet, you do secretly enjoy that attention. Admit it!

#4.  My best friend is moving out!

This is the feeling every girl gets when her sister gets married. Sisters definitely share much more than brothers or brothers and sisters and that’s what makes them best friends. And when the feeling of being alone in the room finally sinks in, you sure will need a box of tissues! The thought that you will no longer see her at home at any hour of the day is sure to make you emotional despite all the celebration and fun.

#5. Imagining life after her wedding

The wedding madness will sure keep you on your toes. But the thought about life after she moves out will definitely be on your mind. You are bound to miss the bossing, the cat fights, the silly laughs and the endless gossips. And of course, this feeling will be a special one too.

#6. Getting all the attention

The last ones are always pampered a little more. And this only gets to a whole new level once the older sibling gets married. Apart from your parents, you also have a new member in the family who treats you like his pet. Yes, we are talking about your jiju! From demanding gifts to hanging around with him, your brother-in-law almost becomes your second best friend!

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