Dear new mums, ignoring that ache in your lower back will lead to this!

You can’t get off the bed. The sharp pain in your back is radiating all around your lower back and spine. Finally you call for help. “Slip disc” your doctor pronounces with finality.

Before you think, “that will never happen to me,” let us hasten to say that in the last 10 years, over 60 per cent of the slipped disc cases happen with women between the age group of 22 – 40.  

Slipped disc is a condition where the jelly-like substance within our spinal column pushes through its tough exterior. This causes pain and numbness around the back region. The real worry is that, once you’ve had a slipped/herniated disc, you will be at the risk of having another pretty soon unless you eliminate the reasons that cause the pain.

Here are some of the top reasons why you have back ache and how to help yourself.

1, Feeding your baby in the wrong position

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Feeding your newborn without having a firm pillow to cushion the gap will mean that you may have to bend awkwardly. Feeding in this position or even holding them for long time like this, is going to give you back pain.

What to do: When you are feeding your baby it’s better to have ample support for your child and your arms so that you don’t end up hurting your back.

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2. Skipping your yoga/gym classes

Many young mothers are tired after long sleepless nights. The easiest thing to bunk seems to be the gym. But this, experts say is a mistake. Even half an hour of brisk walk or yoga can help in improving not only your blood circulation but also your mood

What to do: Follow an exercise regimen that includes yoga/pilates. That will help in strengthening weak back muscles.

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3. Sleeping on an old mattress

Mattresses are one of the most common reasons for back pain amongst mums. The reason being for the first two months of a baby’s life he/she is confined to the bed. Often this translates to the mum being chained to the bed too. If your mattress is old and lumpy, it is bound to increase your back pain.

What to do: Change your mattress. Buy one that is specially designed to give back support.

4. Wearing high heels

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High heels improves the pressure on your butt muscles and consequently on your lower back. If you have back pain, stay away from those high heels at least for a few months. Resume after your pain has completely subsided.

What to do: Wear flats or sandals.

5. Carrying heavy weights

The pressure of carrying weights goes directly to your lower back. Sometimes the jerking action of picking up can cause a back pain that will stay for years later too.

What to do: Don’t lift weights. If you have to, bend your knees to share the burden with your thighs and knees.

6. Stressing out over the small things

Mothers often carry their relationship stresses or baby worries in their backs. Their neck and back muscles tense up and remain clenched. Long periods of carrying stress leads to prolonged back pain.

What to do: Go for ayurvedic massages that improve blood circulation. Be positive. Identify things that make you happy and do them more.

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