Dear Nanand, this is why you are extremely special!

If you were to go by the saas-bahu soaps, you might have concluded that nanands are silent killers in your husband’s family. However, turns out this is not true. Set aside all the qualms and apprehensions because once you start living with her, you sure will realise how cool it is to have a sister-in-law.

Here are 6 reasons why your sister-in-law can be your best friend!

1. Gossip partners

Girls love to gossip, don’t we? Especially when you are newly married! From what you cooked to what your mother-in-law said and how you miss your home, newly married women have a whole lot of things to share. And who better than a sister-in-law to understand all of these emotions! Your nanand will be your best gossip buddy in your new home.

2. Shopping is more fun!

Shopping is one thing girls will never say ‘no’ to. However, if you have good company, shopping will only get better. And after marriage, be sure your husband is not going to enjoy this outing. From choosing what suits you best to help you differentiate light pink from dark pink, his sister is the best person to go shopping with. Squeeze in some time to grab something and the date is sure to be super fun!

3. Workout buddy

You might have heard and seen couples or best friends working together. Remember Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput or the fitness obsessed Kareena and Amrita Rao? Well, while celebrity husbands have all the time to work out with their wives, reality seems a little different. So, forget the hubby! His sister can be your best workout buddy. Working out with her can be fun because you can motivate each other while cracking jokes and shopping together for gym wear. Can it get any better?

4. Emotional support

Girls are emotional, period! And if you are newly married you definitely don’t need a reason to get teary eyed. Girls always need a best friend to whom they can pour their emotions to and a sister-in-law is the best person you can confide.

5. She taught your husband a lot

Since you husband grew up with a sister, he sure knows how to deal with women. By now, your nanand must have clearly told him that men and women are different and cannot be dealt with the same way. Thank her, because she made a lot of things easy for you.

6. She is on your team

Last, but not the least, your nanand will always stand by you, even if it is against her own brother. With her, you can fight any battle! Precisely you need to tell yourself ‘why fear when your nanand is here’!

Feature Image Source: iDiva