Dear Mr. Time- Are you with my kids again?

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Whether you are a working mom or a work-from-home mother, balancing between work/ house chores and personal time gets difficult when you need to look after your kid too. I am a work-from-home parent and have faced situations wherein, I struggled at balancing between my personal and professional lives.And after trying out a lot of workarounds to resolve this problem, I have realised that the only way to keep one away from this stress is to not just plan but sticking to it and amending it as and when required- with a backup.You may wonder that maintaining this plan in written may be cumbersome. Let me tell you that it is most certainly organized. As a busy parent, I’ll take organized chaos over hay-wire, unplanned chaos any day. Regardless, a regularized system really works wonders. One just needs to get in a habit!So, here I am, sharing the mantra to be the balanced momma on-the-go! With three simple steps! Believe you me, this works fruitfully.
  1. Always keep a to-do list handy:
Use your phone or laptop or keep a diary or put up sticky notes- jotting down your everyday tasks within a specific time slot. Remember to try and not exceed the allotted time brackets and if there’s still a need to do so, mention the changes in written. After a week, you will be able to observe a pattern and can work around time and again.

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  1. Categorize your everyday routine:
With giving a name to each time slot, along with the days added under each category; it helps one to understand how much time can be given out where and if there’s a need to change the amount of time given to each or not. I have categorized my time under Family Time, Available Work Time, Non-Flexible Time, Flexible/My Time and Weekends. Keep in mind that you must bank some time as a buffer to fill in for sudden or unexpected visits by friends or relatives.
  1. Make the boring activity colourful on a calendar:
Marking each task with a different colour under notes in your phone/ laptop or on a wall calendar will not only help you memorize which tasks need to be put under which category for each day/week/month but will also give you a clear idea about which tasks need a shift from one to another. For example, I have coloured everyday tasks in Red (most important), Blue (Work-related), Black (Can be delayed or shifted/ Less important) and yellow (newly added/ unexpected). You must be wondering this can be time consuming. But speaking from my own experience, writing these on a board with different markers or highlighting the same on your phone or laptop does not take more than 10 minutes! It’s tried and tested!

Before I conclude, here’s WHY you must at least begin abiding by this plan:

  • It gives me assurance and relief! Since now- everything has a time and place to get done.
  • It helps me control situations that cause panic! I sometimes feel jittery when my to-do list seems overwhelmingly long. Nevertheless, I at least have everything sorted and in writing!
  • It helps me remember the time slots that I’ve scheduled! This churns out ample time for me to dedicate to my family and myself.
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY- I no longer feel as though I am aimlessly trying to look for “Mr. Time”! I exactly know where my time is and will be  for my busy weeks ahead.