Dear moms, be proud you made these mistakes!

Being a first-time mother comes with its share of ifs and buts and most often moms tend to beat themselves up for the same. However, it’s time mommies pat themselves, shrug their shoulders and say ‘it’s all in the game’! After all, mistakes teach us, don’t they? So, if you are a first-time mommy and have committed these mistakes, you are on the right track. Be proud for making these mistakes, for this is what motherhood is all about!

1. Diaper accidents

There is no mom who has never had a diaper accident. From leaks to on-the-face pee and getting the size wrong, diaper disasters teach us a lot. Firstly, not to sit too close while changing!

2. Worrying constantly

Have you ever looked close to your baby to check if he’s breathing? Then you sure know what we are talking about. Also, moms are synonymous with worry. We don’t really need a reason, do we? There may be absolutely nothing with the baby, but we HAVE to Google and double check every single thing. Even if it as simple as ‘baby pooped twice a day’! And, this definitely continues until we become a bit more confident about the new role or probably until the pediatrician changes his number!

3. Over-shopping baby stuff

Even before the little bundle arrives, we have a closet for him/her, don’t we? Not knowing the gender is never a worry! What are unisex clothes and neutral colours for? Plus the online shopping only makes it worse for us. Our eye does not miss a single Amazon or Hopscotch deal and sales are only an excuse to shop, after all. Even before the baby arrives, we are ready with our list and also reassure ourselves that baby will definitely need all of it. Your list of baby essentials is just endless!

4. Stressing over milestones

I remember calling my doctor because N would not roll over! If you are smiling or nodding, you sure know what we are talking about. Milestones are a big deal for moms and if they don’t happen on time, it’s time to press the panic button. But honestly: rolling, sitting, walking, standing or talking won’t happen at your will and wish. So, worrying or fretting about it is definitely not going to change things. And the irony is that moms know it, but will still continue to feel like a parenting failure.

5. Assuming to be wrong

As new moms, we always tend to put ourselves down. First of all, moms can NEVER be wrong! So, calm down. No matter how many books we read or how much research we do, all moms have that ‘i am wrong’ moment with their baby. And it simply is inevitable! After sleepless nights, handling an all-time hungry baby and figuring out ways to keep yourself sane, there is no way you are going to feel great about yourself. So go with the flow. Motherhood is all about it!

6. Always relying on experts

If someone said it in a book or on a talk show, we sure will follow it to the T. But, we often forget that mommies are blessed with the biggest thing – Mother’s instinct and that nothing on earth can beat that. So, mommies before you let an expert decide, listen to your inner self!

7. The ‘my’ baby syndrome

All mommies go through this once the baby is born. From wanting to hold the baby all the time to craving to hear that he/she resembles her, all new moms go through this phase when they are in the hospital. But, hey we think it’s perfectly okay.  After all, you did all the hard work! Plus after carrying the baby for nine long months, you can’t blame yourself for being a little territorial!

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