Dear mommies eating saffron will not result in a fair baby!

Pregnancy brings with it a bag full of physical and mental changes to the body and tons of free advice from friends and family. While they may all be well-meaning and wish good for you and your baby, some of them might also leave you confused, since they are mostly based on olden day traditions and beliefs.

Here are some pregnancy superstitions Indians believe in even today.

1.       Don’t announce it as soon as you see the pretty pink lines

This one’s followed worldwide, isn’t it? This is mainly because chances of a spontaneous abortion are higher during the initial months of pregnancy and you definitely don’t want to cut a sorry figure after announcing the big news. Also, the longer people know you are pregnant, the more advice you will have to hear.

2.       Consuming saffron will result in a fair baby

If you are hogging on saffron thinking you will end up having a fair child, we are sorry to break your bubble. This is not true by any means! Mothers across the India load their daughters with saffron milk during pregnancy. Well, saffron does have many health benefits. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and also builds immunity. But, fair skin? That definitely is not a benefit.

3.       The hang of your belly determines the sex of your baby

There is no end to superstition and this one is downright hilarious. Apparently who have a higher belly are likely to have a girl, while those who have a low belly maybe carrying a boy. But the truth is, belly structure completely depends on the woman’s body skeleton and the muscles. Also, towards the last trimester, your belly will always hand down.

4.       Don’t step out in an eclipse

We all have heard this from our moms and grandmums, haven’t we? While there is no concrete reason behind this, it was a belief that existed those days, when the meaning of eclipse was known less. However, today, not many people believe or follow it.

5.       Pregnant women should only look at beautiful things

The superstition behind this one is that by doing so you can deliver a good looking baby. Well, don’t genes play an important role here? However, surrounding yourself with beautiful things will calm your mind and have a positive effect on your mind and the baby.

6.       Don’t buy anything for the baby before birth

This is one superstition Indians believe in 100 percent. Back then, infant mortality was very high and this rules spared women from the pain of looking at things bought for their deceased child. However, considering that most of us live in metropolitan cities, the fear of infant mortality is almost dead. And with most of us living in nuclear families, it definitely is not possible to reserve all the baby shopping for after birth. Unless you trust the father’s choice 100 percent!

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