Dear ladies, your vagina NEED NOT smell like flowers!

Scrubbing in the shower is definitely important, but not when it comes to your sensitive parts. From whether you are using the right soap to whether you are scrubbing too less or too much, there are a lot of unanswered questions about keeping your vagina healthy and clean. And misguided information can leave you anywhere between simple itching to a full-on yeast infection. Sounds terrible, right? And when it gets clumsy down there, it gets clumsy everywhere!

So, here’s what you need to know about washing your lady parts! Your vagina really (really) wants you to read this.

1. Focus on the surrounding area

At times, in an urge to stay extra clean we tend to go deep into things, don’t we? Well, but fortunately the inner areas of our vagina have the ability to take care of itself. By nature, the ecosystem in the inside of the vagina is clean and need no extra douching. So, ladies, focus only on the surrounding areas.

2.  Don’t hesitate to buy a good soap

Typically, the vagina has a ph of 3.5-4.5. However, when you use a vaginal wash, which typically has a ph of 8, it throws your normal ph out of the whack, leading to itching, infections and irritation. Also, bar soaps are better that liquid washes which contain a high alcohol and scent. And keep an eye for itching, redness or any other kind of infections- these are signs the soap or the wash is not suiting you.

3.  Stick to cleaning once a day

Cleaning your vagina while you take a shower is the best bet. Anything less than once or more than once, can disturb the normal ecosystem. When it comes to the method, a clean cloth or free-handing it is the best suggested. Avoid using a loofah as it can create small tears, making you more prone to infection.

4.  Don’t douche

We have to stress on this! Your vagina has good and bad bacteria. By douching it, you are getting rid of the good bacteria, along with the bad ones. So, this also gives bad bacteria more room to happily grown in your privates. And you definitely don’t want this!

And lastly, the beautiful part of the vagina is that it is built to take care of itself. So, the less you do, the more you will stay safe and clean. Trust us on this, you will thank us later!

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