Dear ladies, this is what will happen to you after honeymoon!

So you had a fairytale wedding and even amazing honeymoon? Well, congratulations on that! But, its now time to face reality. No matter how well you know your partner, things are bound to be a tad bit different after marriage. So, if you thought it was all going to be bright and beautiful after you say ‘I do’, you may be wrong. Here’s what you must be prepared for after you get married.

1.    If you are sick, it means you are pregnant

Pray hard you must not fall sick soon after marriage (especially after that honeymoon). And if your stars don’t favour you, and you end up falling sick, be sure to answer those ‘are you pregnant’? ‘Is there some good news?’, sort of questions. No matter how hard you try and explain or avoid, this one is bound to happen, especially if you are living with your in-laws.

2.    You realise your mum’s cooking tasted like heaven!

Remember those days when you waged a war with your mum simply because she did dish your favourite chicken curry? Well, if you don’t, we bet staying with your in-laws will definitely make you recollect those good, old days. And for all you know you might find yourself burying your face in your pillow and sobbing. This is one thing that happens to all girls. Whether you are living alone or with your in-laws, the very fact that you get to cook and eat your own food will make you miss your mum. And you will be more than glad having Maggie and tea, almost any time of the day! 

3.    Weekends mean grocery shopping

So you thought marriage means no curfew or no strict rules? We suggest you think again! Gone will be the days when your weekends were packed with dates, meeting friends and partying. Post wedding weekends mean grocery shopping. After all, you are going to be the one cooking through the week and you sure might want to stock up everything before kickoff yet another hectic week. And after that tiring grocery shopping, if you do have any energy left, expect to stop over for some ice cream or coffee!

4.    Your social media is filled with couple photos

Go right now and stalk your newly married friend’s Instagram account and you will know what we are talking about. From wedding to honeymoon, the new home and the little things your dear husband gifts you, social media will be flooded with stories from your ‘new’ life. Well, what can we say, welcome to the other side!

5.    You now have to tick the Mrs box in the form

This is when the tide hits you! You are filling a form and you suddenly realise you need to tick Mrs, and that is just when you realise what life has become. And all hell will break loose and you might even sob about it to your best friend, who by the way might not be married yet!

6.    Your wardrobe is flooded with ethnic clothes

Weddings mean shopping, isn’t it? And in that excitement, you end up buying so much (All Indian) that your wardrobe looks likes a saree store in itself. Yes, you will need a few nice sarees and salwars for those first-time lunches and dinners, but what happens after? The only thing that will happen is that you just stand and stare at all the clothes you bought and might even curse yourselves a bit!

7.    You have to share your room with a guy

Now, this can be really bad, especially if you did not grow up with brothers. Having a man in your room can make you conscious, even if he is your own husband. From the way, he keeps things to how he squeezes that toothpaste and how he does his laundry, things abou0t your new roomie can annoy or impress you. It all depends on the person you pick, you see!


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