Dear ladies, you can conceive even after your partner ‘pulls out’!

Contraception myths are the most dangerous to mess with, simply because you don’t want to end up with a bump yet. So, if you thought jumping after your man came inside you or standing up while having sex might prevent sperms from reaching your uterus, you definitely might want to rethink.

So, let’s bust some contraception myths, not condoms!

Myth #1: ‘Pulling out’ is the best contraception

Forgot to stock up on condoms? Follow the withdrawal method! Isn’t this something all of us have done at some point? And we are also so sure that withdrawal means zero chance of conceiving. Well, ladies here’s the truth. Before your man climaxes, he releases some fluid in his penis called the pre-cum. And the pre-cum also has sperms in it. So chances are, you might conceive!

Myth #2: Two condoms means double protection

Well, this can’t get more hilarious, can it? Wearing two condoms does not mean more protection. In fact, it only increases the chances of the condom tearing.

Myth #3: Long-term contraception can make you infertile

This is absolutely not true. Contraception helps you prevent pregnancy and once you stop taking the pills, your body automatically gets ready to grow the tiny human in it. However, the time taken can vary from woman to woman. But, taking pills *does not* mess with your fertility.

Myth #4: You can’t conceive while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is no form of contraception. While breastfeeding does delay ovulation, it definitely does not prevent the sperm from reaching your uterus. So it is a bad idea to rely on it, unless of course you are prepared to have another one, this early.

Myth #5: Condoms are not 100% safe

Condoms are the cheapest and the easiest form of contraception. But, you definitely need to bear in mind that they are only 98% safe. Tearing, leaks, etc are some of the common problems you might face. So, don’t rely on it 100%.

Myth #6: Taking pills makes you weight gain

While there is no evidence to prove this, some women do tend bloat a little once they start taking pills. And this bloating is *only* due to water retention. So, don’t worry too much ladies!

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