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As a parent who has a thriving social media life (Twitter and Instagram are my life lines), I've come to realise that I need to get a handle on how much time I spend on social media. Because my kids are still at an age where I can get by with glib answers and where they still can't articulate their frustration very clearly -- No "Why are you constantly looking at your phone?!" yet -- I've had moments when I've taken my time with them for granted. There'd be a particularly exciting thread on Twitter that I just have to respond to or an Instagram picture that totally needs my comment because the world will collapse if I don't! And just like that 45 minutes are gone just looking into my phone and not into the beautiful, excited shining faces of my kids.

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Last week was particularly busy for me and I realised I didn't know anything that was happening in the life of my kids. I started to deliberately take time out and ask them questions. Almost all my questions were met with, "Great" or "Not much," or "Fine," There was a problem. One I had created. While guilt was washing over me, I also started to look for ways to figure out my addiction to distraction.And that's when this article showed up. Epiphanic in its simplicity, this taught me what I must absolutely do in order for my children to connect with me again and for me to connect with myself. Because I can't say it better than this author, I urge you to read it yourself: The number 1 gift to give your children.

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