Darnedest things kids say!

Kids say the darndest things. And sometimes they just happen to be super smart and you're left thinking, hey that's not exactly wrong. Parents share some pearls of wisdom things they've heard their kids (3-7) say -
  1. "It can't be art. It's not in a frame."
  2. Mom to child banging on piano - "What's that?" Child - "Sound."
  3. Dad - "How was your day?" Kid - "Awesome." Dad - "What made it so awesome?" Kid - "Because I wanted it to be."
  4. "How are we supposed to make new friends if we shouldn't talk to strangers?"
  5. "Today is tomorrow's yesterday, right?"
  6. "Being scared is worth it sometimes. Like a rollercoaster."
  7. "You're a kid till your parents die."
  8. "It's ok if she isn't kind to me. I can show her how."
  9. "I love the wind because it makes everything dance."
  10. Mom - "Why isn't the baby sleeping?! It's 9 pm!!" Her 4-year-old son - "She's nocturnal."