Daddy’s special time with kids- How to make it happen?

When it comes to our kids, their fathers play an important role because it is them that our children look up to and this very dependence widely influences what they turn into when they grow up. However, our basic presumption even today lies in the clichéd notion that mothers are easier to talk to than fathers, simply because dads are the more strict ones, who are more involved in disciplining the kids. We generally think that dads and kids study math, read newspapers, play games, learn about latest gadgets and technology, practice money management and go out on family vacations. It’s not wrong, though it’s become more and more important for the fathers to understand what truly lies in the hearts of their kids. And researches too show that the fathers who are friendly and close to their kids are not only happier and performing better at work but their kids too are more confident because psychologically, they are at peace that their parents are with them- no matter what.In order to experience this wholesome father-child bond; the pops need to block some special time for their kids on a regular basis.Because, for you- dear dads, it is this high-quality time, which will not only strengthen your relationship with your kiddo but will also help you contribute the most through your everyday interactions with your little ones.Here are some simple solutions to make ‘dad time’ even more special and memorable for the both of you:

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Talk and make them talk:  Sharing childhood stories and generally cracking jokes with your little ones is a stress-buster for you too! While it peps up your child as well. These little chats will also help your child learn about a lot of things, and helps you two become closer on an emotional level.Read on! Reading aloud with your children is a great way to spend time together. Animate the expressions as you narrate and add a happy dose to your stories. Kids love it! And let’s not forget- reading and storytelling help your kids adapt better language skills, which enhance their literacy growth and brain development.Explain things and take their inputs: Look out for things that are worth noticing or remembering and point them out to your kids. Begin discussing on what your kids have to say about these observations. You will surely enjoy what you’ll hear! This will also help your child’s curious side get pumped up.

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Listen to the random things kids say: Kids can talk about any and everything under the sun and we tend to ignore this at times due to being busy. But let’s not forget that it is these very moments when your children have your exclusive attention that they enjoy the most. It encourages them and helps them build more confidence. If you give your child your complete attention, you’re also boosting his self-esteem!Be a good role model yourself: The maximum learning that a child gets is by his interactions with you. As a parent with a good conscience, we have to say ‘no’ sometimes, but even these are good ‘learning methods’ for your children, if you’re clear about the kind of behaviour you want your kids to pick up. Also, if criticism is important, do remember to praise your kid when he cooperates as this will set a powerful example for your child to follow and respect what your say.Create challenging opportunities: As adults, we can encourage our children to become competent by helping them play games and giving out clues when they are in real doubt and confusion. For example, you might point out the direction where a puzzle could lead to, rather than letting your kid struggle for too long that he gives up or becomes totally disinterested. But don’t forget to balance it out.

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Open options for your child to choose: For example, instead of saying, ‘Order these books for me online’, you could say, ‘Do you want to suggest which books I should order online? Asking your child about what he thinks will help him become decisive, thereby, nurturing him to become independent too!Be witty! Tickle, tease and laugh playfully with kids! Good humour and wit help children become livelier and stress-free as they grow.Play without being pushy: Playing sports with your kids and picking up an activity seriously is okay. But expressing your disappointment if they don’t perform as per your expectations is wrong. Motivating kids that it’s okay to fail at times will help them not give up and pursue the impossible in their best potential.Spending high-quality time with your children is a success when you do a little bit more than just caring for the kids. Although, it can be hard to find the time when you’re juggling between long work hours, time for yourself and time with your partner; but your undying will can make it achievable.

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