Daddies, you have a role in breastfeeding too! Are you aware?

When moms are breastfeeding, very often fathers tend to feel left out. But, daddies you don’t have to feel so any longer. There are a few things you can do too, to make the breastfeeding journey a memorable one. So, get off the couch and do your bit to make your baby and his mommy feel special and loved. After all, the baby is half yours too!

Bring baby to mom

It's the middle of the night when your dear wife is exhausted from feeding, changing and pacifying the baby all day. You know you can’t feed the baby. So, why not pick baby, calm him down and hand over to mommy? Trust us; she will make you special breakfast next morning.

Make her a snack

Breastfeeding can make mommy hungry, really hungry! So, why not make her a snack? However, try and make something she can hold in one hand and also does not crumble on baby’s head. Also, bring her a drink to go with it. It is important that mommy stays hydrated when she’s feeding your little one.

Handle older kids or pets

Distractions while breastfeeding is the last thing any mommy will want. There is no way she is going to keep her cool with a newborn latched on and another one running around screaming away to glory. Unless, you want a very fussy, hungry baby and a possible nipple injury!

Help her get the position right

Breastfeeding can be hard, especially if you don’t get the right position. Asking her if she needs extra cushions or pillows will definitely make her feel good. Offer her the comfiest chair and throw in a few pillows beneath her feet to make her feel a little more comfortable.

Support her 

Sooner or later you will have to take the baby out, which means breastfeeding also happens outside of the home. Support her through it. Keeping your opinions to yourself and standing by her when she wants to whip out the boob and feed her baby in public. NEVER ask her to cover up!

Stay away when she’s feeding

Don’t pout, make faces or play with the newborn while she is feeding. Remember, they are not your boobs. And she certainly is not going to like it when her boobs are leaking and you guys team up to play a game. So, sit still and stare!

No questions asked

The day she decides to wean her baby, you agree. It's her boob and she gets to decide what she wants to do. Also, that in no way means she is against your baby getting enough nutrition. So, just trust her and don’t forget to applaud her for the great job she has done, no matter how long she fed the baby. 

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