Cramping or bleeding is no longer an excuse to skip workouts!

We all have days when we just don’t want to move an inch, don’t we? And let’s admit it, we welcome periods with a big, broad smile at times simply because it means no workout. Wrong! If you are making ‘that time of the month’ a reason to skip working out, you may be wrong. If you do remember, back in 2005, Kiran Gandhi shot to fame for running a marathon during her period, without a tampon. Not only did she create awareness to women who lacked access to feminine care products, but she also crossed the finish line, with blood-soaks tights. So if she could run a 26-mile marathon, the rest of us bloody well handle a 45-minute workout. Right?

And if that was not convincing enough, studies also prove that exercising during periods can be extremely beneficial! Here’s what you need to know.

1. Dealing with period symptoms

Recollect how you were a few days before you got your periods. Cranky, moody, breaking down for nothing, irritable etc are all symptoms that you are ready to bleed. While this is inevitable, exercise can help you handle it more gracefully. A body that is more active and moving will not be tortured as much during ‘those days’. In fact, exercise also keeps a check on your cramping and curbs heavy flow. 

Why: When you sweat, water leaves the body, there by relieving you of that uncomfortable bloat. Also, exercising releases mood-boosting hormones called endorphins which take your mind off the pain and lets you relax.

2. It's the best time to do HIIT (High-Intensity Training)

Don’t think having periods mean you must restrict mobility and also keep your workouts less strenuous. When your period starts, your estrogen and progesterone levels drop, and as a result, you can access carbohydrate easily. This hormone shift makes it easier for the body to achieve more out of short, fast-paced workouts.

3. Keep you cool

Your body temperature falls during periods, increasing fatigue and the heat stores up in the body. Not to mention, we can even tolerate hotter and humid conditions.

And having said all that, it’s totally ok to give yourself a break. If you are absolutely in no mood to sweat it out, take a stroll. Even that counts as a workout! 

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