Confessions of an ‘Imperfect Mom’ *Fun Post*

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So, now the latest is that time outs may not advisable for your kid. Will someone give me a break? I am barely learning to cope up with the no yelling, patient negotiating, matured discussing and the continuous nutritious feeding still. (takes time and lots of effort to overcome the conditioning, after all!) Every bright, sunny morning when I wake up thinking that I have been that wonder mom who has… ‘Managed’ everything to the limit, it can be managed, I read or am informed about a new truth about child rearing and I feel I am back to square one. Huh! Do the rungs on this ladder ever end??I know all this is out there for the betterment of my kid and with the world progressing & advancing to a stage where upbringing and dealing with kids requires constant working, upgrading and dynamism; I realise that I am a human and not a robot with a chip that can take in endless information, process it and keep it ready for output at the right time and right place every single minute. Thank God for the epiphany or else I was almost on my way to join the zombies in Haiti. So I make my choice. I choose to be real. A human, who laughs, cries, makes mistakes, redeems them, hugs and loves instead of a machine that has programmed itself for optimum use and works to perfection in handling its kids.By deciding this, I don’t mean to shut myself off from the new ideologies and practices that make me a better parent or my kid a better person (please... won’t I be a primitive doomed in oblivion if I do that?). But what I will do is that I will pick some and have the courage to leave some for the sake of my as well as my kid’s well-being.

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So that basically translates as that I won’t punish myself when my kid doesn’t do his homework or project sometimes, or if he goes to school without breakfast, or if he spills something on the floor and I yell or if I choose to spend time with my friends instead of playing board games with my child or if I let my kid just play video games the whole day sometimes on a holiday or if I sleep in and don’t send my kid to school or if pamper him to the hilt sometimes or if I throw caution to the wind and cry in front of him or if I be unreasonable and say a no! Or if i don’t enroll him for any extra-curricular classes in one vacation and let him chill or if I speak ‘not so nicely’ to his dad once in a while or if I shout at the car driver next to me if he has cut the lane or if I give ice cream to my kid although he has fared badly in his exams and if I don’t read articles on parenting every day. ;) ;) Phew! That takes away a lot of burden off my shoulders and most importantly, lets my kid know that his mom is a human after all who can make mistakes (and well, learns from them too) but loves me a lot!When I look back at my childhood days and I am sure most of you will nod in agreement that what stayed with us most in our memories from those days is not the strict discipline, the training and the lessons our parents gave us (of course that has helped us tremendously) but the sudden forgiving smiles on our parents faces when we erred in innocence, the indulgent hugs & kisses, and out of the blue unexpected presents and leniency. They make us smile even today and they will make our kids smile too many years later.So, I am shedding off the heavy coat of being a perfect mom and I am going to be a real mom that trips sometimes but has the will and confidence to get up, shake off the dust and move on with her life tackling each day uniquely as it dawns……. Don't you agree, my 'mommy-friends' out there?Click here to read how special motherhood is for every woman who experiences it...Featured Image Source