Choosing the Right Dance Class for Your Child

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India is home for rich classical dance forms, with a lot of variety coming from various cultures across the country. Children have been learning and practicing dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi and more for generations now to inculcate poise, expression of various emotions and feelings through gestures and dance forms, fitness and flexibility.The influx of western dance forms like Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop over the last few years opens up a wider range of options to choose from.If your child loves music and movement and is ready to embark on group dance classes, there is some homework you will have to do in choosing the right dance class for him/ her. In addition to being a lot of fun, dance can channelize your children’s bubbling energy, give them a medium to express and emote feelings too. Also, just like sports, it is an excellent medium to instill discipline and perseverance in a child.Listed below are some tips to ease your job of choosing the right dance class for your Child:1. Involve Your Child in Making the ChoiceExpose your child to various dance forms. You could attend concerts, where your child can get a live experience of understanding the movements, expressions, costumes and other details related to a dance form. Alternately, you could show them video clips of different styles of dance. This would also give them an insight and guide them well to understand what they can relate to and feel excited to learn.2. Choose the Right TeacherIt is very important for the child to share a connect with the teacher, especially while learning a sensitive art-form. Let your child interact with the dance trainer and develop comfort. Take her opinion about the teacher. If she develops an instant connect and liking for the teacher, then you can consider your job of choosing the right class half done.

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3. Select the Right Dance School/ Class Zero-in on the Dance Class depending on the seriousness with which your child wants to pursue it. If you sense talent and passion for dance lurking in your child, and if your child is really keen on being trained, you could opt for a Dance School run by an established institute providing certified courses. However if your child is still not sure and wants to explore dance as a hobby, a smaller set up in your vicinity would be an ideal choice.4. Ask for a Trial ClassLet your child take a trial class to assess how he likes the environment in the class, how comfortable he is with the dance form and how he is bonding with his peers there. If you and your child sense an overall comfort level, you can decide to go ahead with your choice.Several reputed Dance Institutes offer a free trial class. You could also ask for one at smaller set-ups.

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5. Find out the class-sizeFor your child to get individual attention while learning, the ideal size of the class should not be more than 15-20 children per instructor. Also consider the size of the Dance Studio. It should not be too cramped for easy movement and steps, while the children are dancing.6. Choose what fits your budgetMake sure you check before joining the class if the institute charges anything over and above the regular fees, for example something a little extra each month for costumes, stage performances etc. Inquire at similar institutes and figure out what would be a reasonable price to pay.Once you have all the above parameters in place, you are good to go ahead and watch you little one whirl and sway and take your heart away!Image source: via Google Images