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Are you turning crankier than usual?If you have been feeling a bit too much under the weather of lately and a little too frequently then it’s probably not just your mood or your work. It could be an underlying medical condition or a deeper issue that you are unable to place a finger on and may need help in figuring it out.Here we are, always for you.1. Hormonal Imbalance If you have noticed a dip in your otherwise normal disposition at specific times of the month then the culprit could be oestrogen or progesterone that fluctuate their levels around your monthly cycle. This could cause crankiness and irritability and is commonly known as PMS (pre- menstrual syndrome).Another change in hormones occurs around menopause when progesterone levels drop to zero. This can cause hot flushes and generally a feeling of depression making you feel lesser than your usual happy self. Iodine levels in water and salt have been a cause for concern of lately giving a lot of women a condition called hypo/hyperthyroidism. This is a result of imbalance in the levels of the hormone TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) irregularities in which causes depression, mood swings and irritability.So what do you do about it- For handling the hormones during your menstrual cycle, 600mg of Omega-3 daily seems to reduce the symptoms of crankiness according to studies.(Please don’t forget to consult your doctor)For hypo/hyper thyroidism a blood test to check your T3, T4, and your TSH levels is important after which your endocrinologist will start you off on medication to regulate your hormonal levels.2. Anything can happen over coffeeBonding, love and even crankiness! Although chocolates and caffeinated drinks are said to be mood enhancers, consuming too much caffeine in general leads to moodiness, fatigue and headaches. These are the withdrawal symptoms and could be a result of your addiction.This is how you contain it- Reduce your caffeine intake to 2 cups that is 8 Oz a day.


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3. Blood Sugar Levels Hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar levels could be responsible for your sluggishness, low energy and consequently irritability.It would be a good idea to see a doctor and get your blood sugar tested. If however it is normal then do keep in mind to have something to eat every 3 hours to maintain the sugar levels. A fruit, a salad, a biscuit or any other healthy snack would be sufficient.4. Bedroom Ambience The connection between your sleep and your state of mind is no secret. Studies have proved that dim light, the glow from TV, reading lamp or even an alarm clock reduces the production of the hormone melatonin which in turn causes disruptions in your regular sleep making you feel groggy and cranky the next morning. Now you know what getting up from the wrong side of the bed means.Do a light check before tucking yourself in and turn away your mobiles & alarm clocks away from you.5. Watch what you eat The comfort food that you actually eat to comfort yourself may be the reason of your discomfort in the first place. Foods rich in trans and saturated fats are known sources of depression. So before you grab that burger or pizza or ice-cream to feel better, think of salads and foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.


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6. Anaemia low levels of iron in your body cause irritability, low energy and moodiness. Having foods rich in iron like meat, greens, cereals and nuts, helps you bounce back to your normal bubbly self again. Taking an iron supplement after consultation with your doctor is also a good option.Apart from these medical issues which are the most common causes of crankiness, there is something more you can look into and that is your emotional health.  Is there something in your personal life that is bothering you? Is there something you are unhappy about?I am sure you shall agree with me when I say that worrying changes nothing. In fact it creates a situation that does not even exist. Instead of wasting time and energy on something so futile why not look for solutions with a counsellor who can pull you out of your negative patterns and steer you towards better ways to deal with your situation.Life is not a bed of roses for anyone, but each one makes their own choices. My mantra is and you should make it yours too that if you choose to be in a situation then you should do whatever it takes to tame it and if something just isn’t working out despite repeated & dedicated efforts then have the courage to respect yourself enough to walk out and give your life & happiness one more chance instead of punishing yourself daily and turning into a cranky woman that nobody wants to be around with.These recommendations are made by the writer. Zenparent takes no responsibility for it.