Children paraded naked, beaten, tonsured, garlanded with chappals – for stealing chakli

Each one of us seethes with anger when we see a woman derided or abused. We speak of women’s rights, gay rights, lesbian rights... where are children’s rights?

If you have watched the video you’ll see how two children’s right to modesty has been tattered, their sense of self shred, they are insulted, ridiculed, beaten up, tonsured and garlanded with chappals. One of the children has been asked to step a little to the side so that each of their individual naked photos may be taken separately and circulated for future tortures, while being slapped and garlanded with chappals.

For what you ask? For stealing chakli, that deep fried savoury made with rice and gram flour sold at five rupees a piece at tops.

The perpetrators are gleefully making a video and slapping the poor naked tonsured children as they beg for mercy.

Where is the police? Where are the parents? Where is the conscience of the public who is watching this take place in their very locality in Ulhasnagar near Mumbai. Do children not have the right to redress? Are they not people in their own right? Should the perpetrators not have taken the matter with parents of the children instead of wreaking their brand of khap-panchayat style justice?

Unless we as a nation start treating children as people with rights and dignities of their own, we can forget about having any future.

Source: twitter