Celebrity secrets for bouncy curls in a matter of minutes! This is the hottest trend this season!

Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao rocks her curly hair do every time she dresses up for a red carpet event.   So does Kareena Kapoor when she chooses her loose wavy look that is all the rage this season. If it is curls or waves your heart desires, then these are the tricks celebrities use to get their curls looking gorgeous and full bodied, without looking frizzy and dry. Steal these amazing tips now, and thank us later!

Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana has the most intense curls a woman could ask for. She got some of her hair tinted bronze that only added an extra allure to her looks.

Here’s Kangana’s secret to having and maintaining hair like hers:

Kangana suggest we apply some curling mousse to hair that is washed and towel dried. The hair should still be damp. Then add some anti-frizz serum to maintain the look despite India’s high humidity. Now use the rollers of your choice and leave them in till your hair dries. For tighter curls, she says one must use small rollers, especially if your hair does not have much of a natural curl in it. Finish off the look with shine serum and hairspray. The serum will keep your hair looking shiny and the hair spray will hold the curls in place.

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Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra’s natural hair is wavy and frizzy. While she is the one star who experiments with her looks each time she takes on a character, she continues to maintain a shiny swathe of thick mane that makes her look like a goddess when she dresses up.

Priyanka’s tips are specific and most of us will relate to this. She swears by a product called TiGi Curls Rock that is super efficient in holding curly in place and creating that halo like feel around the curls. She also advices her wanna-be curly fans to use the trifecta of hair mousse, hair cream and serum. Priyanka always uses heat protecting products that are easily available with all leading brands. But she has one hair secret that will guarantee beautiful tresses for everyone – clean scalp and regular.

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Preity Zinta:

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From the time she rocked her curly hair in the film Dil Chahta Hai, Preity Zinta has loved the look. Though nowadays she does seem partial to the soft wavy look. Recently she was spotted rocking her soft tresses in Salman Khan’s Eid bash.

Preity swears by styling wax. According to her wax on naturally curly hair is absolutely essential to hold the curls in place. Here’s the way she does it – Preity warms the wax by rubbing it between her fingers and pinches the hair strands together. This holds the look much longer.

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