Capitation fee is illegal, declares Supreme Court

"I paid 25 lacs for a medical seat way back in 2003.""We paid 56000 for a "paid" seat in a very average, unreputed college."This is the story across so many households in India. In the search for some college, any college that can give their children a professional degree (read Engineering or Medicine), no matter the quality of the education or the affiliations of the board, people across are India are only too eager to open their purses and pay heavy amounts - anything from a few thousand rupees to multiple lacs - simply to secure admission and in turn the future of their wards in the "industry". Until now. 

In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Capitation fee being charged by the educational institutes is illegal.

Taking note of hard reality of very high capitation fee taken by various colleges for admission, the apex court said that educational institutions should not just focus on making profits, but run on 'no-profit-no-loss' basis, The Times of India report said.

A five-judge Constitution bench of Justices AR Dave, AK Sikri, RK Agrawal, AK Goel and R Banumathi that commercialisation of education sector is not permissible and put the onus on the government to curb malpractices.

The bench observed that the admission process should only be based on merits.

While expressing concern over the prevalence of capitation culture in the country, the SC categorically said, “profiteering and commercialisation are not permitted and no capitation fee can be charged.”

"Education is treated as a noble occupation on 'no-profit-no-loss' basis. Thus, those who establish and are managing the educational institutions are not expected to indulge in profiteering or commercialise this noble activity,” the ToI report quoted the SC bench as saying.

The top court said the government should ensure that educational institutions were not indulging in commercialisation.

What do you think? Do you think the colleges are going uphold all of this? Or are illegal capitations going to spring up? And how much did you shell out, if at all? Share with our community.This news is from here.