Can I make my period come faster? Here’s your answer!

Although it causes pain, irritation, acne, and a whole lot of other issues, all women want this one thing on time every month. Wondering what we are referring to? Yes, we are talking about every woman’s best friend – the menstrual cycle. While the normal cycle is 28 days, the time might vary depending on a whole lot of other things too. Well, if you are the one taking the twinge of irregular periods, (especially after unprotected sex), you might want to consider these natural remedies.

1.     Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most delicious and nutritious mode of getting your periods. It stimulates your body to produce more estrogen and also improves the measure of the uterus lining. Some even say that eating vitamin C rich food shrinks the uterus and boosts menstrual cycle. Papaya, broccoli, pepper, kiwi, tomato, leafy veggies and citrus fruits like, orange, lemon, and lime are some rich sources of Vitamin C.

2.     Have sex

This is one of the most pleasurable ways to get your periods. Having sexual intercourse stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the vagina and triggers shedding of the uterine layer.

3.     Exposure to sunlight

Deficiency of vitamins can delay periods. Exposing yourself to sunlight, which is rich in vitamin D can be one of the best ways to boost vitamins in your body. Morning sunlight contains vitamin D, which is in turn necessary for the absorption of calcium in the body. So take a brisk walk or go for a jog in the morning without lathering that sunscreen!

4.     Include herbs

Including herbs to your diet will help you get your periods naturally. Herbs like ginger and parsley help to enlarge your uterus naturally, thereby pushing your periods ahead. These herbs also help to regularize hormonal imbalance which ultimately results in faster periods.

5.     Hot bath

Although there is no evidence to this, most women feel that a hot bath helps to relax the mind and the body, releasing emotional and physical stress. A hot compress on the stomach will also relax your abdomen muscles stimulating blood flow from the uterus.

6.     Eat jaggery

 This is one suggestion every mom or grandmom will suggest when you want to get your periods faster. One of the cheapest and the easiest methods, eating jiggery has been an age-old remedy to get periods. You could also make a concoction of ginger and jaggery in hot water and drink it before breakfast.

7.     High iron

Hogging on an iron-rich diet is another way to welcome your periods. Egg yolk and red meat are the richest sources of iron. This can replace the hemoglobin present in your body with red blood cells, giving your body trouble-free periods.

8.     Exercise

Exercise is the answer to most health problems. A high intensity workout releases endorphin which can lower the level of estrogen and can also release stress. Both these things together can give you a knock from period’s side. Before doing the workout, you should keep in mind that you should never overdo it as it can even make your period hide somewhere in the calendar.


While these are completely natural remedies, a little precaution won’t hurt in any way:

1.     Always consult your doctor in case your body reacts to any of the above remedies

2.     In case you are taking vitamin supplements, always consult your doctor and follow only the recommended dosage.

3.     Ultimately, ensure you eat a healthy meal with all the necessary nutrients.

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