Can I get pregnant AGAIN when I’m already pregnant? Here’s your answer!

You would have read the headline and may have said, "Wait, what!?" That's the kind of reaction we are expecting when we raise questions like that, and not just questions, but awareness too. Pregnancy while you are already pregnant, or re-pregnancy, sounds nothing less than a curse from an old folklore, but strictly-medically speaking, yes, it is possible!

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HOW CAN YOU GET RE-PREGNANT? When you are already pregnant, you can get re-pregnant and here's how. A fertilized egg can follow the fertilization of another egg, due to another sexual intercourse. This could be in the same ovulation cycle (superfecundation) or spread across two ovulation cycles (superfetation). Now, this leads to two types of re-pregnancies. They are explained in detail below.

SUPERFECUNDATION: This process refers to the fertilization of two ova released in the same ovulation cycle by different sperms as a result of two different sexual activities. Now, as they are from two different intercourses, the father for each of the egg could be different. If this happens, it leads to twins by same fathers or different fathers.

SUPERFETATION: Now, call this one a glitch as once your body has received a sperm and fertilized an egg, there's supposed to be no more ovulation cycles. But, sometimes, quite rarely, your body can have an ovulation cycle even after it has fertilized an egg. Now, if you have sex during that time and sperm fertilizes another ova, you can actually get pregnant with two babies. And a fact not to miss, these babies will be at different stages of developments. This makes them babies of different gestations. 

HOW IS SUPERFETATION BIOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE? Medically, when your body receives an embryo, ovulation has to stop. Why your body may experience another period of ovulation is hard to tell but an explanation says that it could be because the first embryo's implantation is delayed. This means that the next cycle's hormonal spike could not be prevented. 

HOW COMMON IS THIS? Very rare. Both superfetation and superfecundation are rare occurrences that make headlines whenever any of their cases are reported. Superfetation is estimated to occur once every year across the globe.

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