C-section mommies you can’t complain about breastfeeding anymore. The truth is out!

C-sections are definitely a major surgery and there is no denying it. Getting strapped on that bed, with people fiddling and moving around your organs when you are partially awake is no easy fleet. However, there are a lot of myths about c-section floating in the mamasphere (and of course Google).

So before you think scary, dreaded, unnatural or harmful about c-section, make sure you know the myths surrounding it.

1.    Difficulty in breastfeeding

While we do agree c-section mommies are bound to experience a lot of pain, this has nothing to do with breastfeeding. The milk supply does not increase or decrease because of that scare down there or those painkillers. The only hitch c-section moms face is holding the baby, which also can be solved without a hassle. So, c-section does not mean a terrible breastfeeding journey!

2.    C-section means no more vaginal birth

This is one myth that prevails among most women. How we wish women understand that a scar in the abdomen does not make their vaginas incapable of pushing out a human. And if you google or talk to your doctor about VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) you sure will know what we are talking about.

3.    Elective c-sections are less hard

If you thought scheduling a c-section was way easier, you might want to re-think. C-sections are performed only under medical complications and an elective surgery is not going to make it any easier for you. C-section is a major surgery and is associated with a whole lot of complications as opposed to a vaginal birth.

4.    Having an epidural makes a c-section inevitable

It is a myth that women who receive an epidural during labour are sure to have a trip to the operation theatre. There is no evidence of increase in c-sections among women who received an epidural during labour.

5.    You will be completely unconscious during the procedure

This is absolutely not true. You will only be given local anesthesia, which also means you can feel a lot of tugging and pulling.  So don’t expect to get high and have a blissful sleep while your baby is getting pulled out.

Feature image source: www.todaysparent.com