Breastfeeding your child? You need to know it all about boob hygiene NOW!

Crack it and breastfeeding can be a journey you will cherish for a lifetime. The spit-ups, leaks and the messiness are all part and parcel of nursing. And ask any new mom and she sure cannot remember the number of times she sported a non-sexy bra and roamed all day in a t-shirt with milk stains and leaks.

While this is absolutely normal, your breasts do need a little extra care while its also doing the job. With a few breastfeeding hygiene tips up your sleeve, you will feel clean and confident, regardless of all the spills and leaks!

1.     Your nipples DON’T need scented soap or perfumes

Although your doctor might recommend you wash your nipples before and after feeding your baby, it’s best you avoid soaps and perfumes. This is because the alcohol content in these products can cause further damage to your already sore nipples and of course you definitely don’t want your baby tasting liquor that early in life! So, stick to plain, warm water.

2.     Change your nursing pads

If your breasts are leaking more and you are using a nursing pad, you need to take some extra care. Nursing pads need to be changed every other hour because a well-soaked pad can be the best breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

3.     Wear the right bra

With the market flooded with options, breastfeeding mums can get quite confused about how to pick the right bra. However, ensure you pick one which allows good air flow, ample space to fit in a nursing pad and of course makes you feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with an ill-fitted bra in the middle of a messy feeding session.

4.     Wash your breasts well

Whether it is after a workout or during a shower, ensure you wash your breasts well with warm running water. Sweaty or smelly breasts can lead to infections.

5.     Change your nursing bra frequently

While you definitely are changing it every day, at times, you might have to change twice in a day as well.  Remember, your breasts are not what it used to be before you gave birth to a baby. So, stock up on feeding bras and change them as often as required.

6.     Rinse your breast pump

This is one machine that you need to maintain extremely well. Wash your breast pump after you pump out each time. Don’t worry about sterilizing it. Just rinsing with warm water will keep bacteria and other germs at bay. Also, this will prevent you from compromising on the quality of milk you pump out.

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