Breastfeeding moms, this might happen to you too! Beware!

Breastfeeding is a journey every mother looks forward to. However, like for anything else, this too comes with a bag of negatives. While you might be aware of improper milk supply or cracked nipples, Mastitis or breast infection is yet another condition that occurs among women during breastfeeding.

Mastitis occurs as a result of blocked milk ducts, resulting in restricted milk flow. The condition generally occurs within the first three months of breastfeeding or even later. Pain, swelling, redness and sore nipples are some of the symptoms. Although this infection can be treated medically, there are a few natural remedies which will provide relief too.

Here are natural ways to treat breast infection in lactating moms.

1. Massage your breasts

Like for any other problem, massaging is the first and foremost treatment for breast infections too. Massage your breasts in circular motions from the breast towards the nipples, using olive oil or castor oil. Wash off with warm water before you feed.

2. Cabbage leaves

The sulphur component in cabbage leaves helps in soothing infected breasts and reducing redness and soreness. Refrigerate the leaves for an hour or so and gently place it on the infected breast. Leave it on until it reaches the room temperature and then replace with another leaf. You can do this as many times as you wish.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the best when it comes to skin woes and this hold true even for breast infections. Simply apply the gel on the infected area. Wash off after it has dried. This too can be done as many times as you wish.

4. Apple cider vinegar

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property in apple cider vinegar helps to soothe infection and reduce swelling. That aside, it also offers an instant energy boost. To one part of apple cider vinegar, add two parts of water and apply this on the infected area using a cotton ball. Repeat this 2-3 times daily until the infection reduces.

5. Hot and cold compress

Both hot and cold compress are useful for treating breast infection. While cold compress reduces swelling and redness, hot compress helps to open up the blocked milk ducts and aid in milk flow. Use ice cubes wrapped in a towel for a cold compress or a hot water bottle wrapped in a thin cloth for a hot compress.

6. Continue breastfeeding

Last but definitely not the least, continue breastfeeding. In fact, it will help clear the infection and also prevent the ducts from clogging. In case feeding becomes too painful, hand-expressing your milk.

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