Breastfeeding moms, these silly mistakes can be dangerous!

Breastfeeding might be the most natural thing in the world, but it definitely is not as easy as it sounds. The way your body creates milk involves much more than just your baby and your boobs. From mastering the latch to ensuring there is a good supply, there is a lot you need to watch in order to make the journey smooth sailing.

However, if in case you do sense a dip in your milk supply, it may be due to one these simple mistakes you are making, even without your knowledge. Read on and make note!

1. Not mastering the latch

Latching is a common problem most new mothers battle. And not mastering a good latch can lead to a bitter feeding experience and also reduce your supply. A perfect latch is utmost important to avoid pain while feeding and also keep your supply intact.

2. Not nursing or pumping often

When it has been a long time since you nursed your baby or pumped out, the breasts tend to become fuller, leading to an increase in a whey protein called “feedback inhibitor of lactation” or FIL. And when you fail to pump it out, the oversupply suddenly turns into under supply, even before you realise. So, don’t wait to nurse your baby until your breasts give you a signal. For some women, the  ‘full feeling’ vanishes with time. However, do not wait to feed or pump until your breasts get full.

3. Allowing your baby to sleep for long

Newborns tend to sleep through the day and we mommies are totally lost in watching that cute bundle. While it may be tempting to let your little bundle enjoy uninterrupted hours of sleep, it could drastically affect your milk supply. So, make sure you diligently wake your baby every 3 hours to ensure your supply in intact and your baby is happy and healthy. However, it might be difficult to get a sleepy baby to latch on. So try doing a diaper change, walk with your baby, play games or try double nursing.

4. Skipping night feeds

Most moms are tired after handling the baby through the day and it is only fair the father takes charge in the night. However, not feeding through the night can send signals to your body that it is overproducing milk and may lead to a cut in the production. The only way to avoid this scenario is to pump the same amount of milk your baby consumes during the night and give it in a bottle. This way you get to rest and your baby does not miss out on the feed either. Going to bed early might also help tackle sleepless nights.

5. Not eating right

Last, but definitely not the least, not eating right can play up big time on your supply. While handling a new born can make you slip meals and also have sleepless nights, it is important you take care of yourself.

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