Breast-feeding mothers – read about this silent sex turn-off!

Here’s what a husband told me:

“Whenever I see my wife breast feeding I am so turned off... I just walk away. It’s not just the fact that she has decided to breast feed our baby well after she is 2 years old.... it’s that I have no say in the matter. I know I am supposed to respect her decision, and I do. Our child seems happy enough. But our sex life is in total ruin. I love my wife. Love how independent and opinionated she is. But I just can’t see her like this.”

To all those men who think this way, here’s an open letter.

Dear men,

It’s always pleasant to hear your vapid thoughts on any important point. We agree that you have come a long way from “but, you are a woman” point of view, but calling a breastfeeding mom a turn-off is a comparatively new low.

A woman is many things when she is a mother. First she is the carrier, then she is the food, she is the nurturer every baby craves to have. To top it she has societal pressure, a hundred changes in her body to cope, along with being the best she can every single moment as a mom. As if that isn’t enough already you expect her to be sexually inviting to you despite wanting to feed your baby.

We understand that you were being frank in your admission (and we thank you for it), but please in future help your brain inform your sexual appendage on what is right and what is wrong.

The reason is - sex is first and foremost in the mind. If you can see the person and love them for all they stand for, sex is merely an act to show it. Next time such thoughts come to your mind, stop and think a second longer. Isn’t she merely exercising her right? That itself to turn you on!

Go ahead. Try it.

Breastfeeding mother.

Glad we got that off our chest! Now let’s move to science. What do doctors say about this trend?

Here’s what renowned sexologist Dr Rajat Bhonsle has to say about this phenomenon:

“Yes, I have seen cases like this. Many things may be responsible for a husband’s lack of interest in sex by the sight of a breast feeding mother. It could be his own exposure or conditioning to breastfeeding. His relationship with his mother.. several such things are involved here, not the act of breastfeeding per se. So each case has to be examined separately”

Here’s a practical 3 step approach that doctor advices:

1. The first three months after delivery, rest. This is the time nature ordained the mother to recoup her health and concentrate on the task at hand – newborn baby.

2. After 6 months wife can initiate sex indicating that she is ready to start where they had left off. Even then there will be many starts and stops for the initial 2 years. Ride the wave.

3. However if you feel that your husband is pathologically turned off, therapy is a useful tool!

What do you mommies think? Write in and tell us your thoughts!

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