Boarding School for Kids- Yes or No?

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It's always an "I don't know" situation when we wonder about putting out kids in a Boarding school. As parents, it will always feel as if a gush of emotions will erupt from within and waves of fear will burst our insides, on the very thought of not seeing our children around.It’s an apprehension that haunts us all the time when it comes down to making a decision if sending our kids to a boarding school is alright. After thinking this through a zillion times over, I am here to share my worries and my feelings about this idea. I leave the rest onto you, for the simple reason that it’s you who will take the final call.

The Highs

1. Grooms one’s personality for goodI have a friend who keeps telling me how he feels that hostel life is better and how it improved his overall personality by helping him become more independent, disciplined and responsible. He also says that he was a shy guy but eventually began opening up with others at the boarding school, which enhanced his confidence too!Making decisions by oneself, differentiating the right from wrong and looking after oneself while managing everyday situations are some of the things that hostelites learn faster than day scholars.20949Source: Creative Commons, Google Images2. Times have changed todayUnlike earlier times, boarding schools have started allowing kids to visit their parents during long weekends and there are various facilities through which, they can stay connected with their family 24X7. Talking to the parents on the phone and video chatting with the kid and the school faculty help both the child as well as the parents stay aware about each other’s whereabouts.

The Lows

1. A hasty decision can ruin it for lifeAt times, parents tend to send their kids to hostels without explaining them that it’s going to be for their welfare. These can be various unnoticed reasons like family tradition, status symbol, disciplining a pampered or an errant kid. In such cases, children may end up getting detached from their families and even turning against them.  Some kids may also get into depression. The only way to avoid such a situation is to talk your way out and let your child know the intentions behind sending him/her to a hostel and if you think your baby has to be disciplined, take charge and act humbly. Remember, no one can help your kid more than yourself.hostelSource: Creative Commons, Google Images2. It can be tough to blend inLife at a boarding school can be harsh on a kid if he/she is unable to gel in as per the assembly line culture. Parents are most scared about their children’s well-being and safety when they are away from them. If you are planning to send your child to a boarding school, always ensure to keep a tab on your child’s everyday routine while staying in touch with the school authority and faculty.Also, don’t forget to see if there are any changes in his mood and behaviour. A child may not express if he/ she is facing any trouble at the hostel but certain gestures can get your attention to immediately resolve the issue. If your kid is constantly crying or asking you to bring him back home, don’t avoid it and rather, take it seriously and figure out if the scenario demands you to take an instant action.

The Right Age?

As per various experts from CCAW (Centre for Child & Adolescent Well-being), the ideal age to send children away would be when they are over nine years old. Since, this is the time when a child is mentally developed enough to look after himself.It's ultimately a personal decision to send a child to a boarding school, but if you do, remember to let him/her know WHY, so there are no regrets later.